Older Mits - Can it be calibrated??

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    Nov 21, 2002
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    I have a 60" Tits, bought around 1990-1992. Does this need, or can it, be calibrated.....to the untrained eye (mine) the picture looks pretty good on sat and cable......just installed HT, so waiting for the first dvd's.

    The TV has probably logged less than 2-4 hours per week, since my original purchase. Wife re-did living room and I had to give her brother our tv from that room. Now, all TV viewing is done in the "rec" room, but she won't let me buy the "new" TV.

    As I mentioned earlier, the picture looks very good on sat and pretty good on cable.

    What's everyones opinion.

    Thanks..............this forum has been great for my other HT purchases.

  2. Kevin P

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    Jan 18, 1999
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    Just yesterday I calibrated a 60" Mits VS-6051 circa 1995 and it looks great now. I pulled the lenses and cleaned the dust off, cleaned the mirror and screen, and did a convergence and color decoder adjustment. ISF (grayscale) can be done on these sets as well. A good cleaning and tune up will make a big difference in the picture. Spending $300+ on an ISF on an old set may or may not be worthwhile to you. As the CRTs wear the grayscale will drift faster than on a newer set.
    P.S. Your post has a bit of a Freudian slip/typo in it... [​IMG]

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