Old Toshiba Rear Projection HDTV

Discussion in 'Displays' started by EntryLevel, Jul 31, 2012.

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    Jul 31, 2012
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    Hi All,
    My wife and I are waiting for a year or two before we refurnish our living room, but we want to upgrade to HDTV (we have one in the bedroom only) without spending (hardly any) money. Also in the next year or Black Friday 2013, my assumption is prices will come down, and features will increase, for a decent new system that will fit our new layout.
    I've been offered a (very) good deal on the rear projection Toshiba 57HX83 from 2003 and was wondering if anyone thought this was even worth considering. Comes with decent audio/speakers, will take my 480i DVD to 1080i, and can connect to Directv HMDI to DVI-D with $10 cable I think.
    Again, don't have HD now, and Directv only as well so not even the best HD, but would like to see the sports and other shows that are shot for HD specifically (let alone some movies).
    Thanks for your quick yes/no/maybe.
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    My mother's boyfriend, who didn't have the greatest eyesight, had something similar. I personally thought it was the worst viewing experience I've ever seen. Probably needed some proper setup and tweaking, but I still just think of taking a small 13" TV and blowing it up to fit a 4x6 foot screen. Horrible picture, virtually unwatchable. Every rear projection set I've ever seen looked awful, I'd pass on it.
    My HT budget was destroyed this summer due to other unexpected expenses, but I think I'll save up and wait until the Black Friday date you mention before I start any new upgrades.
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    Steve Tannehill
    Hi, Frank, welcome to HTF!
    I've seen old TV's hang on for years, but the quality of the picture loses a lot. Have you seen it?
    Is your DVD player an upscaling player? If not, it will not upscale to 1080i automatically.
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    It depends on the deal...
    I've had three 1080I DVI-D CRT RPTV...
    I bought a new Mits in 2002. I gave it away not quite a year ago.
    Bought a Samsung 42" when it was 4 years old for $250. Sold it for $200, 2 years later.
    Landed a Hitachi 57" for "get it out of my house" 3 years ago. That one is still where I put it in the family cottage in CO.
    The Mits I gave to a family member as a token for some work done around the farm...that and I wanted a plasma.
    And I will attest to "must have HD service"...
    It will look dreadful on 480I/P.

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