Old Technics 5.1 causing Thanksgiving boredom

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by STLMIKE, Nov 25, 2004.


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    I put a 6+ year old Technics receiver w/an outboard 5.1 decoder at my parents house for when I come to visit. Well, now I'm home for Thanksgiving, and it's dead.

    Minimal sound comes out of the sub, but it's distorted. Nothing comes out of the mains, center, or surrounds, regardless of decoder settings, source selection etc.

    This happens both on the AM/FM tuner in stereo mode, as well as the DVD in 5.1 mode. I'm assuming something failed in the receiver, but would appreciate any advise.

    Regarding a replacement, I'm considering a couple of different units. All of my other equipment is H/K, and I was considering an AVR-130 (their only remaining 5.1 receiver). J&R has it for $250 w/free shipping.

    Also, I was looking at the base Pioneer unit VSX-D514 (also 5.1) which is $160 plus $25 in shipping.

    Since I rarely use the unit, I want to spend as little as possible. Is the H/K worth the extra money? I'm using Infinity RS speakers.

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    the vsx-d514 isnt a bad little reciever, I have one on one of my systems in the bedroom. its perfect for smaller rooms where you wont be hooking up a ton of stuff to it.

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