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OK to like DSP modes over standard DD & DTS

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Chris_Eff, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. Chris_Eff

    Chris_Eff Stunt Coordinator

    Dec 12, 2002
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    I watched POTC last night for the first time and I was realy enjoying it but the sound wasn't as lively as I usually like ( I know reviews said it was not) I decided during a break half-way through to try a DSP mode on my Yamaha 1400. I had used General before on MI2 and enjoyed the effects. I set it to adventure (Pirate movie) and I was realy impressed by the greater sound stage that it presented compared to the standard DTS-ES.
    I always felt that DSP modes were not how the directer wanted the movies to sound and the effects are arranged in standard DD and DTS for a reason so therefore I should not use DSP to experience a movie the way it was meant to. But damn if it does not sound better with one of those on and the sound FX still match the screen great.
    So my question is why do I feel like it is sacreligous to use a DSP even though Yamaha is famous for theirs and it was a reason I liked the receiver. Anyone else struggle with this?
  2. Jonty Rees

    Jonty Rees Stunt Coordinator

    Nov 13, 2003
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    I got that memo. I'd say go with what sounds good - you don't have any duty to listen using any particular format. Know what I've noticed? Some of my kids' old Disney movies on VHS sound great, (Little Mermaid and Mulan come to mind).
  3. David Judah

    David Judah Screenwriter

    Feb 11, 1999
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    Don't let the purists scare you. [​IMG] Go with it if it sounds better to you. Reproducing what the filmakers intended is an elusive goal for a variety of reasons, the biggest being the different acoustic space you have at home.

    Other than balancing playback levels, I say anything goes(even that is sometimes compromised--alot of folks run their subs hot). Yamaha does have some darn good DSP modes, so if you like 'em, use 'em.

    I don't really use additional DSPs in the sense that you do, but I do often force 6.1 from 5.1 sources, and I really like it when some older soundtracks are mixed for multi-channel. *GASP* Anathema! [​IMG]

  4. John S

    John S Producer

    Nov 4, 2003
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    Well what the director / audio engineers intended, is not always best for you personaly.

    Just as you have done, I do think giving both a shot is at least fair to the movie making people... lol

    In the past I have always used the format / mode that was correct for the source. But I am starting to change that practice recently.
    I have been experiementing more as well...

    My findings were somewhat shocking to me...

    On three LD's one night, fed by optical. So no AC-3 here.

    Original Star Wars - DPLII w/ EX post processing was best with my Denon 7.1 mode being a close 2nd.

    MIB - Denon 7.1 was best with DTS NEO:6 Cinema being a close 2nd.

    Die Hard - DTS Neo:6 Cinima was best with the other two modes being distant 2nd's.

    So now, before I really watch a movie, I often times will preview it to some action scenes and the like, try all my available DSP's / Formats, choose the one I think is best, and then restart.

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