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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by chris rick, Mar 26, 2004.

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    I currently have a 77 inch screen for my panny ptl200u projector, and I want to possibly go bigger. I am looking at something like 96-100 inches since I'll be sitting with my eyes about 140-145 inches away. What is the cheapest way to do something like this with GOOD results??? I currently have a plain jane model b dalite screen, and I was wondering what a good DIY alternative might be. Would just my walls be feasible--I've looked at the image projected on the wall and it's not terrible since the walls are a beige color. I visit AVS forums once in a while but a lot of that stuff seems too complicated for a novice like me to build. I hear a lot about blackout material...what about making an entire screen out of that? I am a newbie when it comes to building a screen like this, please understand. That plus honestly I'm not TOO handy at all--but could get the help of many who are if need be. Thanks for any and all help.
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    I posted this on another forum just a few days ago:

    For a test screen try this formula:

    1 sheet mdf cut at the box store to 84.75" wide, height will be 49" - these dimensions will give a 16:9 ratio screen 94" diag after a 1.5" border is applied.
    1 quart white paint (I used Behr ultra pure white - flat) with a single drop 1/48oz of black dye.
    1 pint flat black paint.

    Paint board white - use a foam roller to get a smooth finish (I used a 3" wide one)- put 1.5" black border around, hang on wall.

    I hung the "screen" with a cleat. Take the leftover mdf from the sheet, and cut two strips 6 to 8" wide (exact width not important) and 49" long, with a 45degree bevel along one 49" edge for each piece.

    Hang one piece on the wall (make sure wood screws go into studs), and fasten the other to the "screen" (wood glue and lots of screws) such that they interlock when the screen is hung on the wall. (side note - a picture really is worth a thousand words - let me know if this doesn't make sense and I'll try again). The cleat makes mounting easy and avoids any visible screw holes on the front of the screen.

    Cost maybe $50Can w/taxes.

    This is the test screen I put up a couple of months ago and I'm glad I did - now I know that I want a 100-104" screen. If I'd gone ahead and bought a screen immediately I would have gotten a 92-94" screen.

    Incidentally, the quality of the picture with my "mdf test screen" is good enough that I'm not in a rush to buy a "proper screen".

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    I basically made the same mdf screen but wrapped it with blackout cloth as a test screen for my new Z2 projector. The picture is great, but I used the MDF backer so it would be easy to paint if I want to experiment.


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