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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by lcswoosh05, Nov 8, 2009.

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    Ok guys I need you guys to tell me this but I need to know is which speakers out of the list is overall the best speakers. These are the speakers I' am trying to decide to buy but need help on deciding. Also the speakers I listed are the ones avalible on Ebay or Amazon.com. There are other speakers that I am interested in but are not for sale or no longer in stock and those speaker models are not listed. Also there are some I can't afford that I didn't list.

    JBL Tour from Venue Series

    JBL N26 I currently own but is on Ebay for auction. Can cancel if it's the best.

    JBL N28

    JBL HLS610

    Sony SS-F5000

    JBL E20

    JBL Monitor from Venue Series

    JBL ES10
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    You need to listen to them. It would be like listing 8 pizzas, 7 from one place with different topping and crust combos and one from pizza hut with pepperoni. We're all going to have our favorites and it will be entirely personal as it is dependent upon our individual tastes.

    I'm sure I could google each speaker and lay out reasons why one speaker specs better than another based on certain theoretical principals like wider frequency response is better, or larger drivers are better, but it would be little more than saying that the deep dish meat lovers is the best pizza because you only need to two slices to be full and it has the most meat.

    let your ears guide you.

    Good luck.
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    Good advice Max. I think it's best to listen to a pair of speakers and decide what sounds good to you. Also what are you looking to end up with, just a nice 2 ch stereo system for listening to music? I'd probably rule out the sonys I was never a big fan of their speakers.

    I think the JBL northridge series is a little older and they've probably just updated it for their Venue series. I've seen a lot of good reviews on the HLS610, but I've never personally heard them. I like JBL for a mid level speaker you'd probably be happy with any of these depending on what you are looking for (bass, clarity, power, ect...)

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