Ok, I am going to get a new PC, help me determine if I made a wise choice

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Rolando, Mar 2, 2005.

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    Ok guys this is it.

    been considering a new PC. decided if I go for a new one might as well be HTPC.

    After a few weeks of harrassing you guys for help I don't think I will get an HTPC I will be happy with for under $1000. I deciced to get a new PC where I will prioritize decent speed, ability to burn DVDs and more importantly future upgradability.

    So last advice which system should I get from these that I can later add a video card with TV out etc to later turn into an HTPC.

    I was almost sold on this system:


    this is in Canadian $. describes the Athlon 3200+ as 2.0 Ghz Processor. is that true?

    here are the others available:


    so is this the way to go or should I avoid these pre-packaged Cicero systems?

    anyone know the quality of the Cicero 19" monitor? (sold separately of course [​IMG] )
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    I don't know Rolando, on the one hand the price isn't bad, but I have concerns about the PC. Having only one drive and PCI slot is limiting. And if there's only 1 drive bay it means they are either giving you two 80G HDs to reach that 160G, or they taken up that space with other electronics; which would imply poor design. One available PCI slot isn't very much; and is not typical. Since you specifically call out future upgradability you should inquire further.

    Also, how much do know about the company? That would be a big driver for me. I wasn't very impressed with the photo quality when I ask for a larger picture (trivial maybe, but things like that bother me).

    The video card is fairly dated. And I don't like on-board anything;having the sound go throught the CPU isn't ideal for either gaming or HT.

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