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Ok guys, this is it: PB2+ or PB2-Ultra? (1 Viewer)

Ryan Tsang

Second Unit
Sep 23, 2000
I need to know before Oct 1, as many of you will know why.
Flat out answer: is the Pb2+ capable of pant flapping bass in a approx 3200cu ft basement room? I would like to enjoy peaks of 105db when g-friend is not around and be capable of delivering up to 115db for demos. Given the above, is there a need to pony up another $600 for the Ultra, just to say that I have even more headroom? I wouldn't watch an entire movie at reference. Moreover, at reasonably loud but not ref levels, will the Ultra drivers reveal its superiority in terms of sound quality over the plus drivers? I could afford it, but....

Edward...I'd love to hear from you given your expertise with both units!

Edward J M

Senior HTF Member
Sep 22, 2002

The PB2+ can do it, provided the sub is corner loaded away from permanent openings and you aren't like 40 feet from it.

As you know, I've owned both. The Ultra is worth it. It's a steal right now for $1800. The PB2+ rocks and is a great sub. But the Ultra simply stands alone.

The driver differences are mostly two fold:

1) The VC is underhung and it provides a linear motor strength vs. excursion curve. Translation: It hits very hard at the limits.

2) The VC is 10-layer flat wound aluminum with ridiculously high thermal power handling (several thousand watts for 10 seconds). Translation: Under sustained heavy bass loads it will continue to provide better definition and precisely convey amplitude changes where other drivers might start to go into thermal compression and lose some of that capability in comparison.

"Voicing" differences between the two drivers at lower volumes is probably due to differences in their frequency response more than anything else (although SVS claims differences in other things like compression and distortion are also measureable at moderate volumes). For whatever the reason, people simply seem to prefer how the TV-12 sounds. I won't go into it any more heavily here because there is another thread on the subject where Tom V spent quite a bit of time on the matter.

There is a noticeable difference between the two subs, and my comments above pretty much cover it. No one who has ever upgraded to a TV-12 has regretted it. My first experience with the TV-12 way back when I heard a CS-Ultra in Buffalo, has not changed. It's not so much about the 1-2 dB more output capability, it's about the way the TV-12 delivers the goods. It hits harder and with more definition and it lifts and separates notes better, especially when things get heavy and complex and there is a lot of stuff being fed to the subwoofer.

This takes nothing away from the Plus; it's a great sub. But there's a reason the Ultra costs $600 more. Some people might liken it to the difference between a regular vette and the Z06. They are both awesome; the Z06 is just "awesome-er". :)

Kevin C Brown

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2000
Ryan- Here's my worthless 2 cents: I had the same decision. I first decided to get the PB2+. For my room and listening habits, I knew it would be "good enough". But then I kept thinking (and I have done this many times before), what if I get the PB2+ home, and love it, but then wonder about how much better the PB2U would be? So I decided the intro deal was too good to pass up, and ordered the U. If the money difference isn't a big deal, I'd say go with the Ultra.

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