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    Mar 11, 2003
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    The biggest question that I have for the moment is will the Yamaha rx-v3300 (8 ohms) work with the psb 6t, 10s, 9c speakers (4-6 ohms)?

    Also any feedback on what I am thinking of purchasing would be great.

    Projector - Yamaha lpx500 (already bought it)

    Projector Screen Dalite 8'x6' Screen for LCD Video Projector(this is a pull down but for a couple hundred bucks I want to start with this).

    Receiver - Yamaha rx-v3300 (will I hate myself for not getting the z1?)
    Speakers - Front psb 6t or 7t (will the 7t's be that much better) Center psb 9c, Rear psb 10s (how cool are these?), I do not know the name of the sub. If there is a better speaker package out there for under or around $2000, I would be interested in hearing!

    Hdtv - Sony hd200 (Is there really anything else to consider). It doesn't appear that they have much competition. I want directv and as much flexibility on inputs and outputs as possible.

    Thanks and i am excited to join the forum. Marty
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    Jan 28, 2003
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    Almost all the Yamaha reciever's feature a low impedance drive amplifier meaning it can take down to a 2 ohm load so you're more than safe.

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