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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Sparks, Jul 29, 2011.

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    Unfortunantly had some water damage to my theater room thanks to the storms we recently receivd in East Tennessee. Mostly flooring and some misc Items (Like all my Movie Posters that weren't hanging up) It ruined the Carpet and I am trying to decide what I want to put back. Does anyone have any great suggestions??????? The reason for the Water Damage has been fixed and shouldn't happen again....... I hope!!!!!! and if it does, The basement will probably be the least of our worries. I have thought about putting in cork flooring..... just in case something like this ever happens again (which I HOPE IT DOESN'T!!!!!!!!!!!.....) but you never know. It has kind of put a damper on watching any movies for the last couple of months, but now the insurance company has paid and i'm ready to GETT'ER DONE and back up and running. Has anyone done this????? Cork flooring that is. I figured with a few rugs it would be comfortable; but not for sure. If anyone has any other suggestions just let me know ASAP. Ps.... I was going to leave my Risers Carpeted to absorb somw of the Bass. I don't know but I think I could replace it with the same Carpet if that is the best option. Just trying to figure it out. Thanks, Chris AKA-Sparks
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    One thing I'd consider putting a bit of the insurance settlement into is whatever is necessary to reduce the chance of another leak. I just moved into a house that I had built (the inside corner of the walk out basement, 14'x22'x9' is unfinished-I hope to have some pictures to add to the forum before Christmas) and had some questions about water collection when it was being built. I'm no expert, but I did get some answers. I'm at the top of a hill, and the water table is way below, from what I've heard of the wells sunk around the area. From what I've read and heard, quite a bit of water coolection can come from water that runs down hill into your house or basement, and from drainage from the roof via the gutters. All the gutters were run into plastic drain pipes that are run downhill and away from the house. If you have any drainage, particularly on an uphill side that isn't divertedyou might want to check into what would be necessary to remedy the situation. I'd also make sure the gutters along your roof are clean, and the drain pipes aren't blocked, to reduce any flow off the roof and over the gutter that drains down the side of your house and basement. Might not be a bad idea to check with someone who knows something more about the subject. Just my 20 cents (used to be 2-inflation changes things). It would be a shame to fix everything and end up having the same thing happen again.

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