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Dan Brecher

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Jan 8, 1999
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*original posted as a reply in an old existing X2 thread*

In many ways it's as good as a sequel to a big budget summer movie can come. It's still very much Wolverine's story and it's frankly pointless anyone seeing the sequel without having seen the first since the events essentialy pick up right where the action left off.

In true testement to John Ottman's skills as an editor the sequel is saved from being a structural mess. Characters established last time round grow further, and the sequel gradualy brings Bobby/Iceman in as one of the majors. On top of all that you have Pyro, Nightcrawler, Deathstrike and Brian Cox's Stryker (and if you're counting, a very neat Colossus cameo) and its clear to see how the film really could have been all over the place.

I loved the first film, far more than I ever expected to, but the sequel takes things to another level yet knows how far is too far and restrains itself from going over the top, outstaying its welcome and throwing everything into the one pot.

It's a violent film though, and one I feel must push the limits of the PG 13 rating (and in England, 12a). Logan might as well have just stabbed anything that moves! He's really rather ruthless with the claws this time round and there's a lot of cuts, swipes and blood in the heavy hand to hand combat seen in the movie. A lot of gunplay too, and violence toward children during the attack on the school (which really is an expertly staged scene it must be said)...

I know a lot of people hated Michael Kamen's score from the last film, but I have to admit I didn't (I was actually very fond of it). Ottman's score is very pleasing in its own right but if anyone is expecting a big bombastic score they can forget it. In listening to both X Men scores it is clear what Singer wanted musicaly, and whilst there are differences, none so huge as say, going from Elfman's Batman to Goldenthal's.

The orchestra he put together is big, you feel the scale of it, and there is some superb choir work in the music too. He does have a theme, a good one too, but he is wise never to overuse it and strike it up everytime one of the X Men does something. In fact, the most blatant renditions of Ottman's X-Men theme you will hear are in the opening and closing titles. There are some really very charming and beautiful cues during a number of scenes I would not dare spoil and love the score as I did I can still see people being upset with it.

I found the whole film a rare treat frankly.

All the best,


Nick Sievers

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Jul 1, 2000
I posted this in that X2 buzz thread but thought I might kick off a review thread.

Just got back, impressive sequel. It is definitely a case of "if you liked the first one, you should dig it". The filmmakers have made this film with the assumption that you are familiar with the first installment. If you haven't you will wonder what the heck is going on. Characters from previous film are built upon further, and the new characters are slowly introduced to become major players in the next film.

Those who were worried that there would be too much action and not enough of the character moments that were present in the first film don't have to worry, there is plenty of those moments in X2. I have no idea why Harry Knowles feels the need to almost trash the first film to show how much he enjoyed X2, while I feel the sequel is a stronger film overall, it isn’t leagues ahead of its predecessor – in a way they are very similar films with the second having a much bigger production and more breathing space to make the film they wanted this time around. This one is just having a lot more fun and moves along nicely with some surprises that should kick off X3 nicely.

:star::star::star: out of :star::star::star::star:


Stunt Coordinator
Jul 27, 2002
Not a huge fan of the first one, but I really dug this film. I found the story a bit on the tedious side, but this movie was filled with great character moments and really cool action sequences. Definitely have to see this one again.

:star: :star: :star: 1/2 out of :star: :star: :star: :star:

Stevan Lay

Second Unit
Jan 5, 2000
X-Men 2 is a more accomplished movie to the first episode in which you could sense that the film-makers had deliberately gone out to add more value to the original in order to stay true to the comic franchise and as such should keep the viewers, especially comic-fans of X-men, totally engaged throughout. But is it superior to the original? Let's just say for now that X-Men 2 is a great appetiser to the role-out of blockbuster movies that will flood our cinemas in the coming months. Great fun so make sure to get a good seat and plenty of soda and popcorn, and be prepared to be entertained.

Jason Whyte

Jun 3, 1999
This is the offical review thread for "X-Men 2"! Please post all personal reviews to this thread, and please no discussion of posted reviews (they may be deleted without warning).

The "X-Men 2" discussion thread can be found HERE.


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Aaron Garman

Second Unit
Oct 23, 2001
Cinemark Movies 14 Mishawaka, IN Aud 13 DTS Digital Sound

Manager/Usher-B test screen

Hello all. My manager and I just checked out our new print of X2. Presentation was great. Crisp picture and very nice shadow detail. Also, colors seemed to pop out of the screen. I think it was shot Super35, but I didn't notice a terrible amount of grain. DTS Sound was also spectacular. Nice use of the surrounds by throwing voices everywhere. I figured it'd be great, considering the first film also had a great sound mix.

As for the film, AWESOME! I always liked the first film, but this one just takes what was good about that film and improves more. The characters are more interesting, the story and script much better. I like the fact that we get to see more mutants as youngsters, such as Colossus. This is definitely a kick off to a great summer of movies. Good job Bryan Singer and crew!


Robert Crawford

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Dec 9, 1998
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Please use spoiler tags whenever possible in talking about specific points about the plot as to not reveal too much to those that haven't had an opportunity to view this film yet. Also, spoiler tags are not necessary in the Official Discussion Thread because any member that reads that thread without seeing the film first, does so at their own risk. Thank you.



Second Unit
Dec 8, 2002
Saw this yesterday ( It opened yesterday in Denmark because today is a holiday here,,), great film! Much better than the first!The effects were brilliant, and most importantly they were used to tell the story and not to show of a la Star Wars new films, where everything is Digital. The sound was very good as well, especially the scenes with the planes.
It liked that there was some references to the comic book, Hank McCoy on television, Angles wings and so on...
also the ending with Jean Grey. Where she turned into dark phoenix. But what exactly did happen in the comic books?
She became dark Phoenix then destroyed the world...and then didn't destroy it after all. and died...or something ?


Second Unit
Aug 22, 2002
fricken great, just after seein it.

Wolverine's flasback with him running out of the lab screaming in pain with his claws out and covered in blood...
.....is one of the coolest comic book movie moments EVER.

How this got a 12A (PG-13 in the US) is beyond me.


Dec 19, 2002
Saw it last night with a sold out crowd at midnight! HOLY SHIZNITCKYBAM! I was in awe the whole time...from the moment it opens...to the closing...I was glued to the screen...everything was just right...the characters were very well developed and the action...my god the action...Nightcrawler looked amazing...his first scene which is the first in the movie had the whole crowd in complete awe...everyone was shouting profanity's :D And Wolvie! WOLVIE! I never thought I was gonna see him do all that stuff...especially in a PG-13 flick! Man...this film is like an ultimate geek movie! Loved it to death...now I have to go see it about 10 more times...:)



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Sep 13, 1999
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Chris Caine
I have to differ.


exciting for kids?

the score and editing were uninspired. Sorry John.

Kamen's score has way more appeal.


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Dec 28, 1998
Im happier than a pig in shit right now.

:star: :star: :star: and 1/2 out of 4 :star:s

Ill discuss in the Discussion Thread.

Dan Rudolph

Senior HTF Member
Dec 30, 2002
I just saw this movie and loved it. Many of the characters we saw in passing in the first movie have greatly expanded roles. In fact, there are only two new characters of any significance.

I also liked how they hid the reel changes on cuts. I wish all movies would do this.


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Dec 15, 2001
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Long, but good. I don't know what could've been cut, as any cuts could've damaged continuity, but I started to suffer in the last third or quarter of the movie. In the end, however, the length didn't hurt the film very much. Ottman's score doesn't stand out as much as Kamen's did in the first; that's good in the sense that it integrated itself into the movie better, but bad because there's not much, if anything, to remember it by. All in all, a fine way to start off the summer movie season.

3.25 out of 4

AJ Johnson

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 30, 1997
Real Name
I liked it a little better than the first movie which isn't saying much. You could see the difference in production values this time around. I thought the character development was excellent, the acting was good, had some nice comedic moments, and the pace was ok. However, the big flaw in both X-Men movies is the action. It finally hit me why X-Men action is so bland to me. Other than Wolverine, Mystique, and Nightcrawler (who has the best scene of the movie during the White House raid) the rest of those guys have powers that are just freakin boring and don't translate well onscreen. The only guy who can stand around and project his power in an interesting way is Pyro and that's because I like fire. Professor X, Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Rogue, and the rest of those bums just stand around and don't do anything that's really interesting to watch.

And even though Wolverine has the more interesting action scenes they still came off as lackluster because of the editing. When Wolverine went into his berserker rage and started knifing the troops in the mansion I wanted to get excited but right before he would slash someone they would cut to a different angle and just screw it up...I'm guessing they did that because they had to keep a PG-13 rating and didn't want to show any real violence but man I felt cheated. His fight with Kelly Hu was edited so badly it was blah also. Nightcrawler stole the show in the first 10 minutes and I was upset they didn't give him anything more to do in the movie.

I think the movie was decent and a good way to start off the summer but it's nothing I'm going to see twice.

Patrick Sun

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1999
So X2 finally shows up to get the pre-summer kicked off.

I thought it was a good overall followup to the first film. The fight sequences were intense, but hampered by the PG-13 rating and quick edits, so I was okay with the action scenes.

The character moments tended to drag the narrative down just a bit, but when the action got cranked back up, the screen comes alive with plenty of energy.

For such a long running time (around 135 minutes), I thought we got less plot than we should have, so I feel just a little cheated in that department.

The special effects were pretty good all around, and I dug the realization of Knightcrawler's "BAMF!" sound effect during the display of one of his primary talents. Magneto got in many good lines in the film.

I did think the writers had a fun time finding ways to use many of the characters' powers in everyday use and during combat.

If you're a fan of the first film, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

I give it 3 stars, or a grade of B.

Richard Kim

Senior HTF Member
Jan 29, 2001
While the first film was lean on plot and could have benn fleshed out more, the second film, while longer, tries to shoehorn all so much plotlines, and character arcs, it became a little too hard to follow them all, which is a minus for a summer popcorn flick. I suppose it's understandable, considering the X-Men are a team of superheroes. As for the action scenes, the Nightcrawler scene in the beginning is impressive, but the rest could have been much better. Still, it was pretty enjoyable, and there were alot of oneliners that I got a kick out of.

I give it 3 out of 4 stars.

Luis Cruz

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 23, 1999
Since the first X-Men film I've been totally anxious to see a sequel to the huge mutant flick. I've always been a huge fan of the comics, basically my favorite comic series of all time. They just always stood out from the rest. Now in saying that I know my review will be bias. But, after all the hype and the long wait I honestly must say X2: X-Men United is my favorite movie of all time. Now the first X-Men was a great film even though it did have a couple of problems, but otherwise a good/great comic book film. But the first X-Men doesn't even hold a candle to it's successor, X2.

X2 is the best comic book adaption ever made. All thanks to Brian Singer and Cast/Crew. They went in wanting to make a real world out of our favorite mutants and succeeded in everyway. This second film in the franchise has the perfect mix of drama, comedy, action, special effects, character development, heart, and plot. I love how Singer has decided to let these films be character driven and not action driven. The Special Effects are eye-boggling but don't over shadow the rest of the film. They compliment each other, the way it should be for a film like this.

The characters are so unique, so real that you really fall in love with them. Hugh Jackman expanded upon Wolverine's persona. You can truly feel for him as he looks to find out what happened in his past. Why he is the way he is, who made him that way, etc. Nightcrawler was an incredible addition to the X-Men. I loved that they kept his character intact with how he was portrayed in the comics. I also loved how his faith guides him throughout the movie. One of my favorite moments with Nightcrawler is when he tells Storm and Jean how he thinks God is testing him. All the characters are so well-rounded, but even the lesser characters are well-rounded as well. This movie shows relationships, love, truth, faith. Just an amazing film. I'm still shocked at how good it was. But, I know I'm rambling on here so I will finish up.

All I have to say it go see this film. It would help if you saw the first one, but I think it can stand on it's own as well. I totally can't wait for another X-Men film and hope this one makes a ton of cash securing X-Men 3. So go see this one and take as many of your friends/family as you can.


David Coleman

Supporting Actor
Jan 5, 2000
I thought the movie was great! Don't know I'd say better than the first but equal to.

I love in that both films how they introduce plotlines and chararcters for the next films without making the current not able to stand on it's on. In the first film I knew the second was definitely gonna have a strong connection to Logan. As for the next film you know that Pyro and Magneto are gonna have a big part to play along with the war between humans and mutants brewing
! It will be interesting to see!

Can't wait till the next one!


Senior HTF Member
Jul 4, 1997
A little more lighthearted of an off-topic to distract from the SUV debacle.. er.. debate.

XMen2 may is probably the purest, most well-done comic book translations to the screen I can remember seeing. It manages to stick closely to the books while staying open to those who have not read. The action is well done, the acting is far better then in the first film (even Halle Berre does OK) and the scripting is far above any expectations that I ever had. Involvement of new characters - even in passing helped set the right tone for the film.

I enjoyed Spiderman last year, and thought it was a pretty good, though not "great" film. Compared to other "popcorn" crap films I expect to see this summer - and in the PG-13 category - XMen2 may be a pretty hard act to follow.

Xmen2 is not for all fans; the action is sometimes hard for those who enjoy the constant explosion/kung fu type (though there are some great fight scenes) and it dwells a lot on the story arch of characters, the acceptance of mutants, and personal trials of individuals.. so, as a popcorn flick, it's one that "thinks" rather then just lots of loud explosions. But if you've read any of the X-Men books, you'll find yourself cheering at the hard work that Singer & Company put together to realize a lot of the subtext that helped make "X-Men" a blockbuster in the comic business.

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan turn in top-notch performances, often understated, but with great lines and a seeming zeal for their presence on screen; and the setup for future sequels was so well done that if you don't stay for it, if you don't wait to at least see what's going to happen, you're going to kick yourself by hearing it from someone else (I will not spoil).

Far better then the first, and probably the first comic book adaptation since Batman (the first one) that I can think of as being that enjoyable.

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