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Lucia Duran

Sep 30, 2005
Just got back from seeing Twilight and I was greatly disappointed.


I seriously think that the person who directed this movie had never bothered to read the books. Her "version" of Twilight was so far from Stephanie Meyers creation that it just boggles the mind.

From the very beginning of this film it seemed rushed and you are never given a clear idea of who these characters really are or why they are doing what they do. The acting is so bad that even in the serious scenes, you cannot help but laugh. The special effects are laughable. The added scenes, that are not in the book are stupid and take the story nowhere.

Frankly, the whole movie is just a mess, especially the cheesy special effects of Edward leaping from tree to tree and the scene where he glitters in the sunlight.... wow....stupid doesn't even begin to describe it.

There is really no connection between Edward and Bella throughout this whole film. Bella seems more pained than anything and Edward just seems confused. The actors did nothing for these roles.

They added sub plots and scenes that are not in the book and the whole movie failed miserably.

Patrick Sun

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1999
Having never read the books , whatever I know of these characters and plotlines come from the film "Twilight" and small tidbits from articles. I found the film to drag in many spots, with very dull character development, and even sparser character details on a cast that is simply too large for the screenwriter to incorporate into a film that should move with some energy and grace. Somehow the film made 2 hours feel like 3 hours.

The direction was also pretty unimaginative, and then I find out Catherine Hardwicke directed the film, and then I understood why I didn't think much of the direction because she's suited for perhaps half the material in the film (the interpersonal stuff), but not the action or vampire abilities on display.

I did like Kristen Stewart's screen presence as Bella, but she wasn't as compelling as I had hoped her character to be (perhaps the source material is at fault, I don't know), and Robert Pattinson appears to have been cast for his hair and penchant for brooding. To me, their on-screen chemistry wasn't too impressive (perhaps just my personal expectation given bits and pieces I'd gleaned of the general gist of the novels, or it could just be that Bella is 17 years old in this tale).

Obviously fans of the books will see the film, but for me, it was mostly tedious to sit through as the plot points felt too forced, and didn't develop as organically as they could have been because you just know the sequels are forthcoming.

I give it 2 stars, or a grade of C.

Robert Crawford

Senior HTF Member
Dec 9, 1998
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Inspector Hammer!

Senior HTF Member
Mar 15, 1999
Houston, Texas
Real Name
John Williamson
That was just aweful.

Having never read the books I went into this much-hyped film with little expectations but thought that perhaps this would surprise me...it didn't.

At times I couldn't believe my eyes and ears, the dialogue was dripping with cheese, the characters were flat and had zero presance or charisma, the effects were phoney looking and looked like something out of a John Woo film gone terribly wrong.

What bothered me most was how much this film missed the boat entirely on creating any sort of drama between the two leads, this was done worlds better in other films and TV shows and that the teens in the crowd were eating this drivel up. :eek: I felt like standing up at the end and announcing "If anyone here cares to see this material done right check out Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel."

Buffy and Angel created a tragic romance so much more believably than this film tried so desperately to that I can barely put it into comprehensable words, it's actually staggering as to what degree they got it wrong, so much so that I caught myself laughing at times.

I weep for the teen crowd if this is what they consider to be a great vampire tale and considering how much dough it's raking in I think I might need to go out and buy an entire warehouse of tissues right now.

It was routine, boring, unimaginative with characters doing and saying stupid things, to top it off the film considers it's audience to be braindead since it felt the need to show a character realize something and then show snippets of the incident from when it happened in the film as if we had forgotten about it.

If your not sure what I mean there take for instance the sequence where Edward runs Clark Kent-style over to the car and then stop the truck with one hand, Stewart is later reading a book on vampires when she comes across passages explaining how they have 'Speed' (followed by a snippet of Edward suddenly appearing to save her) and 'Strength' (followed by a snippet of him stopping the truck with one hand).

Had we forgotten all that? I didn't and I didn't need any help remembering it.

I realize that this film is for teens and is marketed to them however I also firmly believe that a much more intelligent film could have been made based on these books and it still would have appealed to the same crowd, it's sad that this is what they ended up with.

I won't yammer on any further except to say I thought it was one of the worst vampire films i've ever seen.

Zero :star:'s for Twilight.


Dec 2, 2001
my girl friend is so crazy about twilight that she bought all three novels after watching the movie with me. i think she is now poisoned! well, i mean, it is like she now 13 again and so giddy about the story. she was excited about it that she even posted in her facebook account that "edward cullen has to wait because of this traffic jam" ( she posted that from her blackberry while going home from work ).

i tried to understand what it is all about. that is why i come and visit this forum to see what everyone has to say, only to find a short discussion thread and two bad reviews.

to me, the movie was dumb.

i bought the dvd of twilight and didnt know anything about it or what to expect. i thought, okay, this might be a drama with a little bit of action thrown in.

well, if the movie was supposed to be a love story, i didnt get it. i mean, all of a sudden the female character fell in love with the male vampire character... is that it? no more explanation? perhaps i am seeing this from a male perspective. i need to fall in love with a girl not just because of her looks. it is more than that. it is too complicated. it seems that bella fell in love because of his good looks alone. everything was too easy. i dont get it!

the main characters are not interesting to me, because the story doesnt really explain who they really are, personally. bella seems like a very weak character, hapless, fall in love, yadda yadda. the vampire boy is a vampire, falls in love, a little back story thrown in, superhuman power...is that it?

when i fall in love, i always see something, in her, that shines. perhaps it is her motivation in life. her way of doing something. in twilight, nothing. is a movie about love story complete without the story behind, uh, the process of falling in love? do people really fall in love that way? am i crazy?

the finale was also stupid. the story tells us about how dangerous and threatening the bad vampires are, they even went so far to hide bella to the best of their ability, but when the bad vampire finally found her, all of a sudden, the same movie also showed how easy it is to dispose of the villain. not even a few minutes. so damn easy. uh, okay, this is not an action movie, this is a movie for female teenagers... who has very low IQ, i think.

but a smart and wise grown woman that is so close to me was obsessed over this thing. i have begun to think that she is not that smart or wise anymore. i think i am going to break my relationship.

that is how bad the movie is to me. 1 out of 10 stars.


Supporting Actor
Jan 11, 2005
I just watched the movie Monday with my kids and I thought it was pretty good. I didn't feel like I needed to cover my kids eyes watch made me happy yet I didn't feel like I was watching a kids movie. I would not put on or near the level of Harry Potter.

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