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    The best thing I can say about "Sorority Boys is that it wasn't as bad as it could have been. The fairly predictable plot serves as an eye-opening vehicle for 3 frat boys to find out what it's like to be treated like DOG (that's the sorority's Greek name/letters). Many of the gags are quite funny, and not really harsh or cruel. There was one scene that I found hysterical, but mainly only Star Wars fans would get a kick out of it. [​IMG]
    Look for cameos by 4 actors from Animal House (Greg, Niedermeyer, Flounder and Dean Faber).
    If you enjoy "Porky's" type of humor, this might be worth an afternoon matinee, but I'd only recommend it as a rental when the DVD comes out later.
    I give it 2.5 stars or a grade of B-.
  2. Raymond Johnson

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    Jan 22, 2002
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    I just saw this as well & have mixed opinios on it.
    The trailers where very mis-leading & tryed to make the film look like a 'cute' romantic comedy or something,when it's really a pretty raunchy 80's style comedy(which i'm sure upset + myself somewhat, the ladies as there were ALOT at the showing!)...which was a suprise & well it lived up to that title much more than American Pie ever did!
    Though even looked at as a 80's style comedy(which i love)..it didn't deliver the goods with all the style,humor & well entertainment value of some of the great 70's,80's classics like Porky's,Animal House & so on.
    Mainly because the direction seemed very flat(& like there was no script or it was just sloppily written) that the movie is more like something to catch on tv or video sometime,rather than in the theaters,just isn't worth the(very high) price of admission(why do movies tickets cost so much now?)
    But i will admit & yes i did not go into this film with a serious mind-set,but still felt it did lack what a really good raunchy or sweet comedy should. That it did have quite a few laugh out loud funny bits scattered throughout,some so outragous..you just have to laugh,others somewhat subtle & theres also plenty that fall flat on there face.
    Barry Watson looked totally hot as Daisy though[​IMG]...so thats a plus,but to bad Hollywood would'nt dare to try and make a real movie about crossdressing & transgenderism. That may never happen as they'll just use it for laughs only & the usual stereotypes & is a dam shame.
    I'd give it probably ** out of **** stars for the very funny moments the movie does have + BW as Daisy make it worth checking out once at least.
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