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Discussion in 'Movies' started by Patrick Sun, May 28, 2010.

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    For these 4 main characters, 2 years have passed, and changes are afoot. The film played out like a mini-season marathon of "Sex and the City" episodes, with some running gags to keep the character arcs in play, but the film start and sputters on the various subplots, and then cuts to Samantha with a queued up zinger (and she did deliver, so she was bringing the funny) as the go-to button hook.

    Carrie and Big need a shot of relationship viagra, Charlotte is somewhat overwhelmed by 2 young daughters and a hot full-time nanny who doesn't believe in wearing support clothing for her mammary glands (kudos for the slow-mo proof), and Miranda is faced with a career stuck in neutral and slowly going in reverse while trying to balance her home life, and Samantha is dealing with menopause issues.

    Fans of the show will enjoy the film, even with the bumpiness in the script as there are some scenes that mothers will respond to in earnest, as will the rest of its demographic (nowadays, probably women in the 30-55 age range) on other topics dealing with relationships, grrl empowerment, and life changes.

    I give it 2.5 stars, or a grade of C+. (I admit to laughing quite a bit, but it's also a 2.5 hour movie that felt like 3.5 hours)
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    Chad Rouch
    My wife is a huge fan of the show; owns the DVDs which the cases for have all worn out and broken that's how much she watches them. Her exact words were that she wants this film to "die in a fire".

    I too enjoyed the show. It's a perfectly written character show and its depiction of women is similarly pitch perfect. For years I've defended it against countless men who accused it of being about "bitches" who were far too self absorbed. If they thought that, then they obviously didn't watch the show or truly understand women.

    This film, however, justifies all of those complaints. At one point Charlotte and Miranda cry because being a mother with live-in nannies is "so hard". They pay lip service to the fact that women without such help must have it much harder, but this scene takes place in the personal bar of a $22,000 a night suite so it rings hollow.

    Simply put, there's a reason stories end at "happily ever after". Tired conflicts about marriage which include "feet on the couch" (which was so chic the couple waited 15 months to receive the piece of furniture), crying children, and not having time to attend school events is not entertainment. Now, I love being married to my wife and deeply enjoy marriage, but I'm not deluded enough to think anyone else wants to watch a movie about us deciding whether to go out or eat in (yes, that happens in this movie and the scene is 5 minutes long).

    There's just no more story left in this concept. There wasn't a whole lot of story left for the first movie, and there's absolutely none for this one. Any laughs it does elicit are more out of pity for these actors. It plays out exactly like what it is, a cash grab by all involved. I don't know if I'd go so far as to say it should die in a fire, but that's only because it'd be a waste of a perfectly good fire.

    Zero stars. A complete waste of time.
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    I liked it because a bit more fun, but not necessarily better than the first one, even though, yes, they are running out of story. I like the theme that they started out with, which is, now that you we are Married, what next. What if you don't follow everyone else and Not have kids? How do you keep the "Sparkle" After you are Married? How do you define Marriage other than the Conventional way?

    The NYC stuff works though it is hard to really feel sorry for Carrie and everything she and her friends have in their lives and the Abu Dhabi stuff is way too long and relies on Samantha's sex jokes to keep the story afloat. It could have been cut by a half an hour with no problems.

    What can they do next? Maybe go off planet?

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