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Oct 14, 2006
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Will Smith is filling me with extreme confidence in regards to the movie-going experience. He has been putting out thought-insightful performances – real dramatic acting, and he is pitch-perfect! This new movie seems to be no exception…….here are two comments about the movie from IMDB:

*I mark where there are spoilers! Overall comments: If you can take a serious movie, go see this. Have an open mind and you will enjoy it. Don't leave the theater because you get confused as to what is going on! The movie fits together nicely in the second half. I will be taking my mom to see it again when the movie officially opens.

I was lucky to see this at a screening a couple of weeks ago, when Will was going around promoting the movie. He was great--spent a lot of time with the fans. Thank you for the picture Will! About Will's performance: A lot of times when you see a movie with an actor really famous for some other movie/show, you always think of them in their current performance much like you think of them for their past performance. This is not the case with Will Smith in this movie. I didn't picture the Fresh Prince (lol) when I was watching this movie. He was completely and utterly convincing in this very, very serious role. He has grown immensely as an actor. I think he will at least get an Oscar nod for this performance.

About his character: Ben is very conflicted and tormented. He's sad...guilt-ridden...very determined, but very scared. Very true to himself. His character has a lot of depth...and somehow, Will managed to bring that to life.

About Emily (Rosario): Rosario did a nice job portraying Emily, a woman very much behind on her taxes. Maybe she's not the shining star Will is in this movie, but she was very convincing. I think her character just did not have as much to work with as Will's did.

About the plot (no spoilers): I admit that I did NOT like the movie until the second half of it. I knew absolutely nothing about the movie going into it, and nothing made sense until the second part of it or so. But when things eventually fit together, wow. Surprisingly well written and well thought out. It's an extremely intense movie that really sticks with you.

It actually takes a lot out of you to watch. In the theater I was in, most people were crying towards the end--even grown men. When you realize what Ben is doing, and why, it's a very powerful moment...

******* Minor SPOILERS***** Which is why it's really hard to talk about the plot without giving major things away. I feel like knowing too much about this movie really ruins it. There was a lot of symbolism in the movie that I enjoyed, though. I will mention some of it here (without trying to give a lot away).

-The fish that Ben was keeping in his hotel room. At first, it makes no sense whatsoever. There was a LOT of chatter in the movie theater when people realized the reality of the fish.

-I hated Ben at the beginning of the movie. By the end of it, I loved him and hated him. That's how convincing Will was. I thought Ben was being a huge jerk to Ezra, a blind man just trying to make his way in the world. Why he was treating Ezra like that also became abundantly clear later in the movie. Wait it out though. Everything in this movie: wait it out.

-Ben is a fundamentally good person who made a big mistake that he won't forgive himself for. It's still unclear to me if he was doing what he was doing because he was trying to rid himself of his own guilt, or if he genuinely wanted to help people. I think it's a little bit of both...I think he wanted to help people but also rid himself of his past. I love his character. You love him and hate him because you realize that what he is doing is nothing short of amazing. You hate him because of what he is doing to himself (as a very good person), both physically and emotionally. Nice job Will.
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Smith saves it yet again., 29 November 2008

Author: lawrence_adams from USA
This film centers around Smith, who has previously desperately tried to Smith from comedy to action, and he has pulled it off. But he has never been good at drama, until now. I was never a fan of "In the Pursuit of Happiness", mainly because of Smiths acting talent. But here his acting talent is purely the reason I liked it. The rest of the cast was poorly chosen and the script poorly wrote, but Will Smith still makes something of this dull plot and at times dull film, there is very little character development to what is expected to a film with such a plot. I did not expect much when I was invited to a private screening of the film but I was surprised, although the film has little interest in each scene Will Smith pulls it through. I told him what I though on the film and he took interest in my comments he said "his talent usually saves interest deprived films", although in a sarcastic tone of voice.

This film has a feel-good factor which is the main selling point if your wondering what film to see, I believe true drama fans will be greatly satisfied along with Will Smith fans, but overall it is a good film which I found deeply entertaining, although I would not pay to see this again, I do recommend spending your money to 'try it out'.

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Dec 9, 1998
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Jun 30, 1999
Well, after seeing the previews earlier, and some cursory discussion about the trailer with friends, we had sussed out the meat of the storyline, and the film is pretty much devoid of much surprise after that, and for me, the screenplay is so torturously slow and offputting in getting to the punchline, I was mainly bored by how it unfolded, especially since it wasn't more than 10 minutes into the film that my suspicious were all but confirmed. The character played by Will Smith just wasn't interesting enough to prop up the film's 2-hour running time, and the other characters aren't all that well developed (except that they are living, breathing human beings), so the emotional hook in the story was minimal to me, and left me blase about the film as a whole. That being said, there were quite a few weepers in my audience who, I guess, didn't quite see how it was going to end, so there you go.

I give it 2.5 stars, or a grade of C+.

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