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    Being a fan can be a dangerous thing.
    Take Bruce Campbell. I love the guy. I've pushed Army Of Darkness and "Brisco County Junior" on any number of people; the guy was affable when I met him at book signing, staying up well past midnight and having great fun with those in attendence; I'm hoping like heck that the Brattle schedules a Bubba Ho-Tep/Evil Dead 2 double feature for Halloween. However, being that much of a fan creates what almost amounts to an obligation when a major studio movie comes out with Bruce getting third billing; you've got to support him, right?
    Of course, I probably would have seen Serving Sara anyway, and not just because I see everything. Matthew Perry showed a talent for screwball comedy in The Whole Nine Yards, and it's been a while since Elizabeth Hurley had shown up on my radar. It's got a fun disposable comedy premise - duelling process servers - and a cast full of reliable character actors.
    Unfortunately, it's missing a certain energy that the classic screwball comedies have (Bringing Up Baby, it's not). Matthew Perry's Joe Tyler is a wiseacre, but he's not cool enough to pull it off. The first half of the movie is more grumpy than funny, and why cast funny people like Campbell and Jerry Stiller in your comedy if you're not going to give them anything funny to do?
    It does pick up, though. Elizabeth Hurley is very likable as Sara - even as she's hurt to find out that her husband is divorcing her, the quest to serve him first becomes a sort of adventure, and there's an infectious sense of fun that comes from her. Vincent Pastore fills the bill as Joe's rival; he earns the punishment he absorbs, but isn't really threatening enough to kill the mood. And there are one or two fairly entertaining set pieces along the way.
    Overall, a pretty mixed bag. I can't quite recommend it, but it's not really a bad movie; competently made though not exactly inspired.
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    While I'd recommend this as a rental only, I did get quite a few chuckles from this film. Matthew Perry is forever typecast as Chandler Bing of Friends fame, so if you're a fan of Perry's, you'll like his character in "Serving Sara" as well. Elizabeth Hurley has a nice vibe about her in this film, and while she's not really a fully hashed out character (no one is in this film), you are sympathetic with her plight, so the rest of the film is fun enough for a game of hide-and-go-seek (or 2 games of such).

    I give it 2.5 stars, or a grade of C+.
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    Jun 20, 2002
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    One might think I like everything, since I praise seemingly every movie, but that's because I know my taste and avoid viewing crappy movies in the first place (or those I percieve to be bad anyway). These past few weeks I avoided crap like The Master of Disguise, Blue Crush, and the once great (Your Friends & Neighbors, In the Company of Men) Neil LaBute's latest, Posession. But I didn't avoid Serving Sara, the new "comedy" starring the Can't-Be-Not-Funny Matthew Perry and beautiful and graceful Elizabeth Hurley.
    The concept seems interesting, one that hasn't been touched upon in other movies, Perry plays a former lawyer that got disgusted with himself and quit, losing the pretty girlfriend in the process who was in it obviously for the money, and now works case to case delivering and serving people various papers, like subpoenas to mob bosses, latest being the delivery of divorce papers to Hurley's Sara, thus, um, Serving Sara. Her Texan husband played greatly by Bruce Campbell, cheats on her and now wants to get rid of her, and if he serves his papers to her first, then the divorce will be handled in a Texas court, and he'll have the advantage of his "good ol' boy" judges, if she however serves them first, it'll be handled by a New York court and she should get 50% of his estate, which is $10 million, 10% of which, 1 mil, she promises Perry if he does that instead. So they start chasing her husband who avoids them in hopes other hired guys serve his wife first... Yeah... that's it. There are NO funny moments, besides one where Perry infiltrates a home posing as a spitting, dum' ol' gas worker redneck, his accent and a few lines during that scene are truly cracking but the rest of the movie is just bad and boring, Perry trying his best with what there is but the talents of everyone involved are wasted. Throw in some bull sex action and a snake boot wearing black cowboy/bodyguard chasing them, and you got your so called "comedy". I laugh more while rewatching any Stallone buddy cop movie.
    Even songs are out of place and reused from other, more notable moments and movies, like Kid Rock's Cowboy and Joe Tex's I Gotcha.
    The good thing? I Got Al Pacino & awesome Catherine Keener in Simone to look forward to on Monday.
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