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***Official "SERENDIPITY"' Review Thread (1 Viewer)

Mark Pfeiffer

Jun 27, 1999
It's possible that my reaction to Serendipity was affected by when I saw it (September 11), but I didn't think it was very successful. Probably the largest gripe I have is that Beckinsale's character, in particular, aggravated me a lot. (I've liked her in other films but not in this one.)
I guess the film is too self-aware and precocious. I didn't laugh much, and the romance didn't develop, in my opinion. Eugene Levy is funny but in this too little, and Molly Shannon is not funny and in it too much.
There's a line in Whit Stillman's Metropolitan where a character says movies (or pop songs or pop culture, I can't remember which) give lots of bad romantic advice. Serendipity is definitely guilty of providing that by the bucket.
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David Ely

Supporting Actor
Sep 1, 1998
I saw this film last Friday at the Toronto Film Festival. When I went to see it, I really didn't expect to enjoy it. Instead, I came out of the theater surprised by this extremely well made romantic comedy.
This film excels when most romantic comedies fail. The story moves along at a very nice pace, and the dialouge is actually quite inteligent.
In the wake of so much Hollywood trash being brought to theaters, this is really refreshing and shows that there are still some great films to be made. Highly recommended!

Chris Dugger

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Jun 5, 1998
This thread is now the Official Review Thread for "Serendipity". Please post all HTF member reviews in this thread. Any other comments, links to other reviews, or discussion items will be deleted from this thread without warning! If you need to discuss those type of issues, I have designated an Official Discussion Thread which can be found at this link .
Again, without warning, I will delete all posts that are not a HTF member review!
Thank you for your consideration in this matter.
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Patrick Sun

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Jun 30, 1999
This is a total chick flick, but I liked it. It almost has that "When Harry Met Sally" quality to it, and John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale were very good in this film. Jeremy Pivens again chews up the scenery as the sidekick/buddy to Cusack's character, but he's very likable.
It's a light-hearted romantic comedy centered around "serendipity" - a happy accident.
I give it a grade of B or 3 stars.
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Jan 17, 2001
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I thought this was a good love story. I thought it told the story very nicely about two people trying to find each other.
The movie also had one of the nicest 'cute meets' I've seen in a long time. Eugen Levy was funny, especially at the end.
The fates, chance occurances that kept running into the main characters, was also really good.
I'll definetly pick this up on release date.


Senior HTF Member
Oct 31, 1997
As I said in the discussion thread: this is a date movie that actually succeeds at its premise. I liked the execution, and although we know how it ends, getting to the end is a good ride.

Allen Hirsch

Supporting Actor
Jan 29, 1999
I was wondering if this was going to show up here in the Movies forum at all - chick flicks usually get pretty short shrift in these parts
Wasn't the sidewalk and neighborhood scenery terrific? It mostly had that '40s feel to it, very warm and nostalgic. (The NYC tourist bureau should be paying royalties.)
You definitely have to suspend most logic to warm to certain Serendipity plot points, I think - the trans-continental flight Cusack takes with his buddy Piven was a bit much, for example, given the time and circumstances.
OTOH, I bet many an engaged couple wonders about "the one that got away" as part of getting cold feet toward the end of bachelor(ette)hood - there's a universal appeal somehow about the last person you met and were infatuated with, but didn't really get to know - and your fantasies make them larger than life loves, perhaps. Here, at least, that gets acted out and upon - so I give it kudos as a terrific date movie, and a perfect movie antidote to the world at large, post-Sept. 11.

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