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    This thread is now designated the Official Discussion Thread for "Return to Neverland". Please, post all comments, links to outside reviews, film and box office discussion items to this thread.
    All HTF member film reviews of "Return to Neverland" should be posted here.
    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.
  2. David Lawson

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    David Lawson
    I'm left wondering why this one didn't go straight to video along with the other Disney "sequels". This film starts strongly but loses much of its magic once Jane is taken to Neverland, which is odd, considering that it should be the exact opposite.
    Neverland has seemingly been reduced to Pan and his crew vs. Hook and his crew; the other inhabitants of Neverland are either reduced to cameos in a lone scene (the mermaids) or left out altogether (the Indians). Hook is now inexplicably being chased by an octopus, which at times moves to the rhythm of a ticking clock, even though there's no mention of a clock whatsoever. I suppose the case can be made that the characters in Neverland never change since they never grow up, but every single one of them is a rehash from the original. I take that back...their voices have changed. [​IMG] Mr. Smee's "new" voice is particularly grating in comparison to the original.
    I was hoping that getting back to their "classic" style of animation would also get Disney back to their classic style of storytelling, but this film doesn't have any feeling of timelessness about it. The computer-generated flying pirate ship and incredibly out-of-place Jonatha Brooke songs certainly didn't help. There's also a huge wasted opportunity at the end of the film:
    All Peter has to say to Wendy is "You've changed..." and "See you later..."? Why doesn't he continue to come and listen to her stories every night? She obviously still tells them often to her own children. There was something bittersweet about the two of them simply seeing each other again, but the scene could have been so much more.
    [​IMG] overall, especially for using the classic animation gimmick to give an obvious straight-to-video release (in terms of its story, soundtrack, and even animation at times) a theatrical run. It's a shame, really.
  3. SteveDoyon

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    Well, Return to Neverland far exceeded my expectations. I thought the animation was pretty good, the voices were terrific, and I was pleased that Disney didn't try to pepper the film with pop culture references. Sure, it had a few flaws - no memorable songs, a bit of a weak plot. But overall, this was a winner with me. One caveat, however, on my experience. I saw the movie with my 5 year old daughter, who is at the age were Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and such are still "real", sort of. I must admit that I got choked up a bit at the end with the Peter Pan/Wendy encounter (anyone who watches a child (especially a daughter) grow up before their eyes will understand).
  4. MatthewA

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    Well, my opinion of the film can be summed up in a song (sing to the tune of "You Can Fly"):

    Well of ideas running low?

    There’s a good place you can go:

    Take an old film, put it out

    Or just rehash it if in doubt

    And watch your profits fly.

    They will fly, they will fly, they will fly.

    When there is cash to be made,

    Stop this “quality” charade,

    Churn the damn thing out for cheap

    And still they’ll buy it, just like sheep;

    Make that your alibi.

    It will fly, it will fly, it will fly.

    Get some boy band to sing the old songs,

    For the soundtracks make money, too.

    There’s a big year-end bonus for you

    If you can push this turkey through.

    Every bad plan you hatch will go through.

    See how stockholders behave

    While Walt’s spinning in his grave.

    Though he wouldn’t stoop that low,

    He’s six feet under don’t you know,

    Who cares if critics cry?

    It will fly, it will fly, it will fly, it will fly, it will fly, it will fly, it will fly...

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