Official response I received from FCC on DVI making our HD equipment obsolete

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    From: FCCTSR51 [[email protected]]
    Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2001 10:52 AM
    Subject: Re: Follow-up on potential for obsoleted HDTV equipment
    Hello MR. LEVITT - - hope you are doing well and thank you for contacting the FCC.
    I applaud your efforts to be an "informed/educated" consumer; however, your complaint/concerns about a "possible" arrangement between "equipment manufacturers and the entertainment industry" is really misdirected when submitted to the FCC. The FCC does not regulate, or have any oversight on either one of these entities.
    The FCC's involvement with "digital" TV deals strictly within the "BROADCAST ARENA". We have provided frequencies that TV stations may use to broadcast their programs in a digital format, as opposed to an analog format. A "broadcast" standard was selected (please see a report at:, and that is basically the extent of our present involvement with digital TV.
    A proposed, or possible arrangement between equipment manufacturers and the entertainment industry regarding "encryption" may be in reference to the industry's concerns with "copyright" infringement. However, this is NOT within the realm of the FCC; as we are not involved with copyright laws.
    I would like to think that the "industry" would be "consumer-oriented" enough to make "DEcrypting" devices compatible with most, if not all, modern day TVs; should an "arrangement" of this nature be concluded. Meanwhile, I suspect that your recent (or soon to be) purchases are, and will continue to be, compatible with the FCC's digital TV broadcast standard; and sincerely hope that you will use and enjoy them for quite a long time.
    Thanks again for contacting the FCC - - have a wonderful day!!!
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    So they are about as usefull as a screen-door on a submarine.

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