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Discussion in 'Movies' started by LanieParker, Sep 3, 2004.

  1. LanieParker

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    Apr 15, 2004
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    This movie was interesting. Cool concept, but they didn't follow through and left a lot of loose ends. It really could have been better. Frankly, it was so unbeleivable at times and didn't make a whole lot of sense.

    Oh well.
  2. Dave Hackman

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    Jan 11, 2000
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    Cole Hauser exorcises his foes by punishing them like a real Hero. No religion, candles or costume needed in this film, just good old fashion anger mismanagement. I could really feel the uneven water between him in the nasty photographers. The sound from the cameras is overdone but I did enjoy the beginning sequence, which circles around the theater speaker system.

    I had issues with Cole’s wife and son, the main detective, the main photographer, the girl in the store and that’s it. I liked the bodyguard, the police officers and the cameo performances from a couple of big name stars.

    You have to hang in this movie because the first 45 min. really stink. The story is force-fed down your ears/eyes and is very unnatural. First impressions flat out F. Once the revenge thing kicks in it gets better. I like revenge movies and they don’t have to be unpredictable or smart as long as people get what they deserve. A little side story with the main detective sweetens the plot and I think the movie ends on a good note, which surely saves this from the unwatchable.

    Overall this is not something to be proud of. It is put together horribly with some real piss poor performances by forgettable actors/actresses. Crappy directing and boring dialog don’t help. I would rewrite the beginning act, get rid of half the cast because they suck and reduce the sound of the camera flashes.

    I can’t really recommend this but if you like revenge type movies and are very forgiving then give it a try.

    First 45min. F
    Rest of the movie C+

    P.S. The voice of Robin Tunney isn’t matched up to her lips during a scene at the hospital and I don’t know if it was recorded wrong or a problem with the theater I viewed this at.
  3. Matthew Chmiel

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    Apr 26, 2000
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    This is what I posted over at another forum:

    I saw the film today. I laid down six dollars and went into the theater expecting the worst film of 2004 next to The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra.

    I'm going to say this: I enjoyed the film. I do admit, it's an awful and terrible film, but I thought it was watchable for the fact it's overloaded with cheese. Overacting to the gills, predictable plot twists, little backstory or character development, and gratitous action sequences. This is what a guilty pleasure is made out of. Paparazzi is a quick and fast eighty minute movie that doesn't stop to take a breath. Yeah, it's unintentionally funny, and I do admit, I laughed my ass off the entire film, but I enjoyed it.

    I would've enjoyed the film a lot more (and maybe considered a DVD purchase) if it didn't take itself so fucking seriously. Then again, for the fact the film takes itself seriously makes it even funnier, but whatever. Hell, I would've enjoyed the film a lot more if the film was slapped with an R rating and had blood and guts, but whatever. Then again, I would've loved the film if actually people with talent had a chance to work on the script and direct it, but what can you do... this could've easily been the Road House of 2004.


    It's a shitfest, but a shitfest that you can laugh at and have fun with.

    Now I'm going to shoot myself for admitting I liked this train wreck.
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