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Patrick Sun

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1999
I'll admit it (and make no apologies for it), I was snickering and laughing throughout most of "Meet the Fockers", though it broke no new ground for comedies, the characters of Bernie and Roz Focker found new ways to truly embarrass the living hell out of Greg in front of his prospective new in-laws and wife, and that was pretty funny stuff.

Of course, Jack (De Niro) got a lot of screen time since he is the retired CIA guy who still doesn't trust this impending union between his daughter Pam and Greg. There are a few gags that are spoiled by the trailers, but there are other bits that are funny as well.

Is it funnier than the first film, I'm not sure, but Bernie Focker (Hoffman) did crack me up a lot. It's a fun way to spend a couple of hours.

I give it 2.75 stars or a grade of B-.


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Feb 8, 2001
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Meet the Fockers - :star::star::star:1/2
We Shake Hands like men.
What're you doing gimme some love!

I really enjoyed the hell out of just about every moment of this film. it was exactly what I expected and wanted a very fun and fulfilling afternoon. Dustin Hoffman steals the show and it's an absolute shame there wasn't more for Striesand to do, because there seems to be such potential in her character clashing with the Byrnes'. I think I agree with Dave Poland it would have been more interesting plot wise for DeNiro to become loosened up sexy senior in the second half only to have his daughter discover she's not comfortable at all with her dad being comfortable with sex and that conflict to spark something interesting between Greg and her. But none of that is really needed because noone is interested in the plot any more than you are in a film like Christmas vacation. You know how the film will go even before you get to the theatre and the enjoyment comes from a need to string successful gags next to one another more than any plot or character considerations. This is one damned funny movie, and well worth a second viewing, moreso than the painful first film (painful for those empathic amongst us who can't stand to see 'loser' heroes get himself in trouble after trouble for no good reason other than needing a laugh). There's nothing at stake for Greg to lose in this film so it's much more comfortable to watch--afterall there's no way anything could end up wrong when you have Hoffman and Streisand for parents gunning for your side. :D

The baby absolutely rocked btw, and probably coined what'll be the new biggest catchphrase of the year.

The saddest thing is that some of Stiller's best work came when he wasn't even saying anything to a big cameo appearance near the end, I'd have liked it if there was more for him to do I suppose.


Robert Crawford

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Dec 9, 1998
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Shane Martin

Senior HTF Member
Sep 26, 1999
Utterly hilarious. Better than the first film. I loved every minute of it including the credits.

Joe Karlosi

Senior HTF Member
Nov 5, 2003
:star: :star:
Sometimes funny, but not as good as the first, relying way too much on cheap sex gags and toilet humor as an easy out (I'm no prude but jeez - can anyone write any other kind of comedy anymore?) Sure, there was some of that in MEET THE PARENTS too, but I found it tiring at how irresponsible and crude the Fockers could be when they know they're supposed to be trying to make a civil impression on their new in-laws.

That said, Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand were well-cast as Ben Stiller's parents, and it's worth the watch for that alone.


Nov 25, 2003
I thought it was on par with the first one. Alot of the jokes worked but there were some stinkers.

I wonder if they will ever show this one on network TV. Lots of editing ;)

Dave Hackman

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 11, 2000
Had a good time watching this comedy. The acting by Streisand and Hoffman was excellent and they really seemed like a neat movie couple. De Niro is not my favorite actor but he did a good job as the hard ass. Robert’s wife (Blythe Danner) didn’t really seem up to par with the rest of the cast and almost became invisible. Stiller is another actor I really don’t jump for joy over but he was good and not over zealous like in Dodgeball. Ben’s Fiancée (Teri Polo) was really good and portrayed an on screen innocence that fit her character well. That little boy was so cute and quite funny with his hand jesters and his newly acquired bad word. Loved that home on wheels and was impressed with the zest Barbra gave her character; she was such a good sport. Hoffman is really good too; damn these two are pretty funny together. I didn’t die from laughing for most of the comedic moments were telegraphed well before there arrival. However I did enjoy the overall quality of the product and would highly recommend.

Stick around for the credits and watch a hidden recording De Niro’s character made while he was out and about.


Louis C

Supporting Actor
Jul 5, 2002
I enjoyed this film immensely. Nothing heavy, and lots of laughs (many more for those who saw the first film).

The plot is less interesting because there is less uncertainty about the outcome than in the first movie, but there are more gags and you don't cringe for Stiller like before.

Most of the gags are funny but again there are a few misses.

All in all a great flick. I await the DVD release (I hope they include a blooper reel).

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