Official Marantz AVR/Processor Owner's Thread

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by Dave Upton, Jun 30, 2014.

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    Dave Upton
    I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread for those of us who own a Marantz AVR or PrePro.

    I'll start to collect useful info in here over time.
    I own the AV8801. You can read my review here:

    Here's the AV8801 Firmware Changelog:

    1) Connection to Pandora Servers

    1) The sound doesn't come from Width and Height speakers when playing DTS-MA or Dolby True HD when using DTS NEO:X mode.
    2) When the customer connects DLXA75R(VICTOR) and 65ZT5(Panasonic) with the unit via HDMI, the unit is freezed by a dual output.

    1) The product corresponded to Gapless Playback from Mobile App.
    2) When Pandora is played, the display of the icon becomes the Internet radio by specific music.
    3) When the HDMI output is a dual output and the device connected with HDMI OUT1 is made a standby, the image of HDMI OUT2 is not output.
    4) The Picture View setting cannot be stored.
    5) AirPlay cannot be executed while executing SlideShow.
    6) AirPlay cannot be executed from Function other than Network.

    1) The Preset Names of FM-Tuner can't change from Web.
    2) After the update and AudysseyPro measurement, the set cannot access the WEB page.
    3) When TV Format is "PAL", the aspect ratio is not correct.
    4) When new features included Multi-Artists Radio of is used and played, the set starts the reconnection operation and fails in the connection.
    5) Radio Text from Russian Internet Radio Station "Nashi Pesni 98.9FM" is not displayed correctly.
    6) The BBC broadcasting station of the Internet radio cannot play from Remote App.
    7) After the log in of SPOTIFY, when the customer changes the source or restart the unit (POWER OFF/ON), the customer needs the account input again.
    8) When the customer starts Remote App, the display of Remote App might become abnormal.
    9) The PlayerView button in the NetUSB browse screen by Remote App was added.
    10) The SleepTimer setting by Remote App was added.

    1) Random Feature in Spotify follows to Pandora.
    2) The source doesn't change into SiriusXM even if SiriusXM is selected by Apps.
    3) "File Format Error" and "Track Not Found" are displayed by playing a specific iRadio station, and, if "Enter" is pushed, the display becomes empty "PlayView".
    4) After the firmware is updated, the device is not found via the ios application.
    5) Airplay does not play the sound synchronously with sound on the PC and other Airplay devices, e.g. B&W A5, A7, Air.

    1) Crestron update
    2) Sirius XM API2.0
    3) When DTS-HD MA 96k audio is streamed, there is noise or no output
    4) Noise from DD+ stream from Netflix
    5) WMA 11/12 files not playing
    6) Noise from WAV file in NAS (Twonky Server 7) via remote app
    7) MSLEFT and MSRIGHT of the AMX command
    8) Noise between tracks of FLAC file
    9) No communication with Buffalo LInkStation
    10) No sound from SW in PURE DIRECT
    11) Dialogue Enhancer set by Menu is not memorized
    12) When connected Server shuts down in the Resume play of Last Sation of iRadio, the browsing of iRadio cannot be done
    13) AMP ASSIGN 7.1 + Zone 2, unable to choose SB/FH/FW
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    Did you mean to place this thread in the speaker area or should it go in the receiver/separate/amp area?

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