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Discussion in 'Movies' started by Vickie_M, Mar 17, 2004.

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    My husband, his 20-year old niece, her 17-year old friend and I went to a sneak preview of Jersey Girl last night and we all enjoyed it, the girls especially so.

    It's a small little film that's cute, sweet, endearing and funny, with enough tragic overtones (the mother's death is never forgotten) to give it a bit of a melancholy edge.

    The basic plot:
    Ben Affleck plays Ollie Trinke, a high-powered publicist in Manhattan who meets, falls deeply in love with and marries Gertrude, played with sweet sparkle by Jennifer Lopez. Her part, unfortunately, has been cut down to near nothingness, but you still get an idea of why Ollie loves her and why he's so devastated when she suffers an aneurysm during childbirth and dies. He's not prepared to be a father to the baby Gertie and moves back to New Jersey to stay with his father Bart, played by the excellent George Carlin. Ollie loses his job (thanks to Will Smith, a running gag). Fast forward several years when the realistically cute Raquel Castro plays Gertie at age 7. Liv Tyler's funny and adorable Maya comes into their lives and brightens their world.

    To say any more would give away the numerous nice and funny little moments that make the film.

    Is it a great film? No, but we all were very glad we saw it. It's a small film. It's not Oscar bait material that's trying to be something it's not. Not everyone will like it, but because of the Ben-Jen legacy, those who won't like it will have a field day trying to make this into another Gigli (which, I'd bet, wasn't itself a Gigli) just because they can, and because they need things to tear down Cynics should just stay away.

    Just as Big Fish (a far better film) was a father/son movie, Jersey Girl is a father/daughter movie (btw, little Gertie is the "Jersey Girl" of the title), and a very nice one at that.
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  3. Nate Anderson

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    I saw Jersey Girl this afternoon and must agree that it is a wonderful, charming film that is certainly a departure from the previous works of Kevin Smith. To show just how much I enjoyed this movie, you will notice my sig line is...well...representing.

    Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler in a movie together and no mention of Animal Crackers? What the heck?
  4. Patrick Sun

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    Jun 30, 1999
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    I thought it was a predictable, but heartfelt look at single fatherhood and the crossroads of grasping at a former life, or embracing the current life for Ben Affleck's character, Ollie.

    Whatever it is between Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler, they need to bottle it and sell it because they have tremendous on-screen chemistry (first hinted by their pairing in "Armageddon").

    The girl that plays the offspring of a supposed pairing of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez looks amazingly like what their daughter might look like at age 7. She was also very cute and smart and endearing.

    I give it 3 stars or a grade of B.
  5. Edwin Pereyra

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    Ben Affleck, George Carlin, Raquel Castro and Liv Tyler all do their best here. But as with most romantic comedies, to a certain extent, it only works as the honest situations it puts itself in. Kevin Smith’s intentions are certainly noble and sincere but dishonest if he thinks that a parent cannot be successful professionally and still have a balanced life with his family. As a successful publicist, one has to wonder why Ben Affleck’s character cannot hire a nanny to help him raise his newborn baby but when faced with the same line of work and possibility seven years later, he would be willing and able to do so under the same circumstances. What has changed?

    Kevin Smith is definitely smarter and wiser than what he has written here and he should know that a happy family life are also the fruits of having a parent not stuck in a miserable job but one who is able to realize their full potential and professional dreams and is then able to extend this happiness and share it with their family.

    Jersey Girl is fine but it is not at the same level of Kevin Smith’s previous films.

  6. Magnus T

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    Jan 26, 2003
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    Saw this movie last night. What a turd this movie was! A movie Kevin Smith would've made fun of ten years ago.

    [​IMG] out of [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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