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Josh L

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Jul 19, 2000
quote:What if the masses don't care? The largest pro-OOT petition online gathered only 62,000 signatures. That's a tiny percentage of the total amount of people who are buying this box set.

Ricardo...I'm sorry but you are full of shit.

I have been reading your reponses to my posts and to others and I am really getting tired of this "elitist/know it all/Lucasfilm puppet" attitude you are putting forth.

A while back you told me not to make generalizations yet you make them all the time.

Such is the case with the above statement...

I have to argue with you and say the masses do care. Just because millions of people don't sign an internet petition doesn't mean they don't care. I care and I didn't even know about the petition. Is it reasonable to assume that others don't/didn't know about it? I can take a poll in my office right now and see how many people that prefer to have the original cuts on DVD knew about this petition.

Because 62,000 people signed does *NOT* meaning the masses don't care. None of these petitions/polls are an indication of anything because the fact is a very small percentage of the world's population has the benefit of the internet.

What Eric said about Lucas's goal to completely phase out the original cuts from the minds of moviegoers isn't that far fetched at all.

In all the mass market ads (Television, Radio, Print) that I saw for the Trilogy not one mentioned further changes to the films. Only that Star Wars was finally on DVD with great picture and sound and loads of extras.

The problem here is that millions of Star Wars DVD buyers that do not have regular internet access or simply don't bother with these forums have only what the marketing people at Lucasfilm feed them. When I was at Best Buy on the 21st I was talking to my brother about the changes and someone overheard us and said "Are you serious? I didn't hear anything about that..." "Are you sure???"

I am willing to bet 80% of the people walking out of Best Buy that day with there brand new SW boxset didn't know about the changes.

You also said something about the internet being the only place that people are vocalizing their displeasure and it is confined to a small group of people. (I can't find it so unfortunately I can't quote it)

Perhaps people in Venezuela aren't talking about it but I can assure you people are here in the US. For me and others it isn't so much about Star Wars anymore but the fact the George Lucas is being completely unreasonable with respect to the original films. I mean, I can't read any of his interviews about the subject without bursting out laughing. Are we really supposed ot believe this?? :shakes head:

This business about "this is how I originally wanted it" "the films were only 25% finished" isn't convincing anyone. (i.e. stuff like pasting Hayden's head on SS's ghost, replacing Boba Fett's voice, removing the 'yub yub' song) That is what you originally wanted...ummm ok?!?? Give me a break!

The argument that as an artist GL has the right to make any changes he wants is really tiresome. Because no one is challenging that right. The problem is he doesn't have the right to take a piece of film history/culture/etc (something so important to so many people, something that defined a new generation of film making) and pretend it doesn't exist. I don't care who they "belong to." Because you know what George they do exist and you are only fooling yourself.

What if I bought the Statue of Liberty and decided eh I don't want it anymore and demolished it. Would that be ok? Sure it is my right to do whatever I want with it, it's mine. Who would miss it? There are hundreds of photographs, videos, little plastic figurines, etc...so I guess it is preserved. There are various historical societies, the city of New York and a few other "fanatics" around the globe that might miss it, but they make up such a small percentage of the world population so who cares about them.

It is my right, right? But is it the *right* thing to do? Does it make sense at all?

I say NO!

Thank you.

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