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Robert Anthony

Senior HTF Member
Aug 31, 2003

He could have actually attempted convincing people to help them instead of casting aspersions on the people who run this site and gave him the privilege to post in the first place.

He could have taken the 3 seconds it took me to look up the mailing addresses of Lucasfilm and urged the people who appreciated his work in finding the error to MAIL LUCASFILM as opposed to getting in little potshot contests online and making his point with an overall snide and condescending tone.

He could have used the tenacity and mildly amazing networking capabilities that he took full advantage of in publicizing the error, and maybe helped organize some sort of group action instead of getting caught up in messageboard brouhaha and taking and recieving shots from the people who actually have NO RESPONSIBILITY in the making, producing, or marketing of the set.

Instead of taking that energy and trying to funnel it towards a solution that targets the people responsible for the error, he got caught up in proving himself right over and over and over again to everyone who didn't apply the same level of importance to the error as he did. To the point where he's splitting hairs with Michael Rueben over whether Ron "endorsed" the set or "Fully endorsed" the set as if he was going to get a gold star from the german judge on the distinction.

Neil harmed his cause by annoying the wrong people and the tone he used was never exactly endearing, inviting or even, at the least, something people would consider themselves receptive to. He's never been that kind of poster. Sometimes, Neil acts like a condescending dick. I've called him on it before. It's something I'm pretty sensitive to, because I recognize it in myself quite often ;) Some people can get past it, some people decide it's not worth it. The only reason he took a beating on the error is because of his past posts, his tone on those posts, and his manner in responding to people who didn't share his enthusiasm for the discovery. Once again--there's more to getting what you want than simply pointing at it and demanding "Fix it."

it seemed he cared less about getting the error fixed and more about busting people's balls for not thinking it was as big a deal as he did.

And that's how he hurt his cause.

Once again, for Neil, and for John Williams fans all over, and discerning Star Wars fans in particular--if you want to make your voice heard to Lucasfilm, copy down these addresses:

Lucasfilm LTD.
P.O. Box 10228,
San Rafael, CA 94912.

Attn: Product Support
P.O. Box 10307
San Rafael, CA 94912

..get a couple stamps, write some very evenhanded, easily understandable letters, and get them in the mail. Maybe it won't work. But it's gotta be better than getting in fights with fellow enthusiasts and eventually getting banned for it.

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