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Romier S

Senior HTF Member
Sep 2, 1999
I've been a fan of Eddie Griffin's since I saw one of his original HBO appearances on Def Comedy Jam and later when he was finally given his own HBO comedy special. Over the years he's made the natural shift over to the movie industry appearing in such films as "Double Take", "Undercover Brother" and finally the up and coming "My Baby's Mama". However its always a treat to see such a talented comedian go back to his roots so to speak and do what he does best. Namely, stand up comedy.

Watching DysFunktional Family makes me realize how much I yearn for the day when these comedy concert releases are more common place in Hollywood. The show starts out fairly quickly showing some backstage footage of Eddie preparing for his routine and spending time with his family. Intercut are a variety of hilarious "interviews" Eddie conducts with some common passerby's in the nieghborhood. In one particular scene Eddie interviews a casual white man and explains that he was just released from prison after a double homocide conviction.( :laugh: ) Yet another sequence has Eddie screaming "OSAMA BIN LADEN!" to an Arabic man who bears a striking resemblance to everyones least favorite terrorist.

From that point on its pure Eddie all the way. Touching upon every subject imagineable from the current poilitical climate to the cocaine addicted founders of our country. No punches are pulled here and there is no such thing as going to far. Eddie is well aware of this and completely runs with it.

The main subject matter of the show is of course his family and their eccentricities. (mind you they are all sitting in the front row throughout the show:)). His mother and her distinct ability to beat him with whatever she could find when he was young is of course first up to the plate. There is even a wondrous story of how she tried to run him over with a car when he was 14! His uncle curtis and his porn addiction are next, leading into his heroine addcited Uncle Bucky and the laughs just keep on coming. What this amounts too my friends is 90 minutes of absolutely hilarious stand up that is not to be missed.

Eddie moves a mile a minute and barely gives you a chance to catch your breath and its a great feeling. Frankly its something that I really needed since its been a good long time since I sat down and laughed to the point of tears. You simply don't want this to end. That to me is the very definition of what going to a movie theater is all about. To be entertained. This is a wonderful film and it is most definitely worth seeing. I only hope it gets its due attention.

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: (out of 5)

Robert Crawford

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Dec 9, 1998
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