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May 12, 2000
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I guess my original review thread is no longer the "official" thread... :angry:

Well, here's my review again...

It is 1963 New York, and Barbara Novak (Zellweger) has just arrived in New York to take it by storm. She's just wrote the book "Down With Love", a feminist how-to manual on how to get ahead in the world by denying men love. In promoting the book, her editor has landed her to be interviewed by the top men's magazine, and by their top reporter, Catcher Block (McGregor). Catcher is a "man's man", a jerk with a different woman every night, but charming enough to get away with it. He doesn't care much for Ms. Novak and her book, so he blows her off for a series of stewardesses (one of which is the beautiful Jeri Ryan). Through improbable circumstances, her book becomes a big hit. Her book cramps his style, and after being publically humiliated, he is bound and determined to bring her down by having her fall in love with him.

This is definitly Doris Day's New York. One where women where multiple designer dresses a day, apartments are impossibly huge and all have the view of the New York skyline, executives are all known by initials, and where you can pay one guy to tell the rest of New York what to do. The story is definitly in a similar vein as "Pillow Talk". The twist is that it is the 21st century now, and it is parodied heavily. There is a certain amount of winking at the camera, and a lot of Austin Powers type of double-entendres. It works quite well for this film, since there is no way you can take a lot of the improbable situations seriously nowadays.

Both Zellweger and McGregor are on top of their game here. McGregor is certainly setting himself up as leading man type being very charming in both of his "characters". Zellweger probably isn't quite Doris Day in looks, but she's got the pouty lips to make it work and she has excellent chemistry with McGregor, with dialog bouncing of each other like clockwork.

The guy who steals this movie is David Hyde-Pierce, who plays Catcher's editor. Pierce is good at playing these insecure nebbishes, and he's wonderful here, taking over each scene he's in.

The only fault I can find with the film is that the third act drags as they get everyone where the writers want them to be. Even then, it still works in its own way, and is probably there to underline the whole ridiculousness of the plot. BTW, stay to the end of the credits, it is worth it.

Probably one of the funnier comedies that I've seen in years. I recommend it. Make sure you see it with someone you love.



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