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Discussion in 'Movies' started by Dave Hackman, Nov 6, 2004.

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    Jude Law is Alfie; a British playboy perusing the streets of Manhattan in search of his next conquest whom he believes will satisfy his insatiable appetite for lust and commitment less companionship. The story is told though Law’s character who talks to you the viewer as if you were his invisible friend that no one else can see other then he. Eventually Alfie’s world dissolves around him, with the help from former lovers and friends and he finds himself yearning for a totally different lifestyle.

    This story could be told in 15 min. but is stretched like Alfie’s limo, which he drives for a living. The outcome is not in doubt and is just a matter of when and I was hoping sooner then later. Mick Jagger sings nearly every song in this film and he sounds fine but to be honest I think you need to mix it up a little when creating a movie soundtrack.

    Certainly watch able but not purchasable or get the gang together and lets see this able. Law is a good-looking guy and a good actor and his performance is good, but the story is basic and doesn’t really have enough interesting things for me to recommend.

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  3. Kirk Gunn

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    I saw it last night, and I can honestly say I have no feelings for it. Nothing good, nothing bad. Just an emotional void, similar to the main character.

    If you watch it at home, make sure you're on the couch with a big pillow.

    (though it did have some wonderful eye candy)
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    I almost forgot I had seen this film a few weeks ago, but it didn't leave much of an impression of me, save Sienna Miller (probably the only reason I considered checking it out). Alfie is a self-involved, shallow character, and the circumstances that unfold to make him a more mature person who thinks less of his needs and more of others never really rang true. Then again, most films where the main character breaks the 4th wall seldom produce a convincing character that seems capable of true, lasting change and personal growth as the film draws to an end.

    I give it 2 stars, or a grade of C.

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