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***Official 21st Annual HTF October Scary Movie Challenge 2020*** (1 Viewer)


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Sep 20, 2002
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I'm deep enough into the Adamsom set that I think I'm past most the horror stuff so I'll be shuffling the Milligan with the Weird Wisconsin and William Griffe sets from Arrow. And a that Christopher Lee set from Severin. TOO MANY BOX SETS!


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Aug 25, 2014
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Jason Roer
1 Cry of the Werewolf (new)
I'm a sucker for a werewolf movie. Heck, I'm a sucker for all monster movies. Here we have a 1944 flick also known as Daughter of the Werewolf. Like her mother, a princess can turn into a wolf. She learns that people have found the tomb of one of her descendents and kills them. Atmospheric and fun film. 3 out 5.

2 Jason Goes to Hell
My favorite since the original Friday. It's just audacious, ridiculous fun. I mean, serious, silly, stupid fun. I have more smiles on my face in this 9th film in the franchise than any other than the 1st. So there you go. 3.5 out of 5.

3 Shaun of the Dead
I watch 3 horror comedies every single year. Shaun of the Dead. Ghostbusters. And the all time great - Young Frankenstein. Shaun of the Dead is absolute perfection. The laughs and gore are a'plenty! And it's one of the most layered scripts I've ever seen on film. 5 out of 5.

4 Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
One of my favorite films of all time. Of any genre. The production design is absolutely sensational and would inspire Tim Burton and a host of others to design their own films. I see new things every time. This was my first viewing on the new 120" fixed screen. I was mesmerized. The transfer from Shudder was excellent. 5 out of 5.

5 Mother (new)
Um... I love and hate Aronofsky. He's pretentious and arrogant. However, he can turn in some excellent films. Honestly, I can't even describe this plot. There are others who can. Maybe read their reviews. People have thoughts about what the film means. Apparently, Aronofsky backs up some of it. I see it as an apology to his family for everything he put them through. Maybe it's projection on my part? Who knows. I'm not sure how to rate this film. It was worth watching for a few reasons, not worth it for others. 2.5 out of 5 sound good?

6 No One Gets Out Alive (New)
This was a bit of a mix for me. I did find myself watching my watch even at a lean 1.5hr runtime. The effects were great. Characters you could root for. Intriguing plot. Don't know why it didn't hold my interest. However, I will own up to it being that I was tired and not entirely into watching a movie. It's definitely worth watching. Screening on Netflix. 3 out of 5.

7 Ash Vs The Evil Dead S1E3, 4, 5.
I LOVE this series. It's my first series rewatch and it's equally as good as the last viewing. Just watch it if you haven't. You really have no excuse.

8 The Empty Man (new)
I loved it. Very slick production values. Very good acting. Very good story. A detective attempts to track down the daughter of a "family friend." On his quest, he learns about a cult of which she had become a part. To say anything else would be very rude of me. I implore everyone to watch it. Very suspenseful. 4 out if 5.

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