Odd similarities between The Simpsons and Family Guy

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Kevin Porter, Dec 12, 2002.

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    I am an avid fan of both shows but I've been noticing through syndication of some episodes that The Simpsons and Family Guy have some very very similar jokes. Maybe TOO SIMILAR!! Let's kick off the list. I know fans of the shows can contribute.

    Toad Licking-
    -Plot device in "Let's go to the Hop" of Family Guy
    -Joke in "Missionary Impossible" of The Simpsons

    Kids Say The Darndest Things Parody-
    -Stewie was on the show in "Brian Does Hollywood"
    -Homer and some kids watch it in "Children of a Lesser Clod"

    Insane Policemen
    - "Oh look at the baby. Aren't you cute? Where's your Mommy?" in Family Guy's "The Kiss Seen Around the World"
    - "Well let me type this up in my little invisible typewriter" in some episode of Simpsons. Not sure which one.

    -Reality TV plot
    - Family Guy did it first in "Fifteen Minutes of Shame"
    - The Simpsons ripped it off in "Helter Shelter"

    King of the Hill parody-
    - Family Guy did it first in "One if By Clam, Two if by Sea"
    - The Simpsons ripped it off in "Helter Shelter" of season 14

    Singing "I've Grown Accustomed to His Face"
    - Family Guy did it first in "Running Mates"
    - The Simpsons ripped it off in "The Great Louse Detective"

    And the list goes on...
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    The Simpsons were aware of this. In one of the Simpsons' Halloween episodes, there was an episode where Homer was given a magical hammock. The hammock created duplicate Homers. Eventually the whole backyard was filled with Homers, including Homers from season one -- and one Family Guy!

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