Odd Couple camparison - 47TX vs AVR 520

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Jim Baloga, Sep 19, 2002.

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    I know one cost $2,000 and the other $650 but this is the two price points I ended up at.

    I am replacing an old Pioneer VSX-D1S, I purchased a Pioneer 811s and was unhappy with the sound quality compared to my older receiver. So I purchased the Harman Kardon 520, It was better but not equal to the D1S. So I figured “let me get the 47tx, if it doesn’t sound substantially better than the H/K 520 I can return it”

    I just got the 47tx…

    Man is this thing heavy, it looks great, it feels great, and I’m a pioneer guy, it just feels right.

    I hook it up and start ripping some music into the B&W 603 S2’s. Clear, rich very realistic sound. These speakers don’t stop impressing me, I put everything the 47tx had to them, and they were crystal clear, I love those speakers.

    My first thought was that this does sound 3x’s better than the HK, my wife even noticed how happy I was (couldn’t wipe the grin off my face). I figured it was finished for the HK. Let me just plug the HK in to be fair.

    Holy crap, the H/K has a bigger base punch, but it’s brighter than the 47tx. Doesn’t sound bad though, let me switch them back.

    I did this about 10 times and concluded that the 47tx was not worth the price difference to me. The HK performed at about 80-90% of the 47tx, except for the last 10% of the volume, the HK was breaking up a bit, the pioneer had those B&W ripping.

    Most of the testing was done a extremely loud volume, the lower volume differences were even less significant. I am going to audition some music at a lower listening level tonight, but feel that my decision will be with the HK.

    Am I correct in thinking that the differences in home theater would be very little, Isn’t music more difficult to get to sound good.

    Any input would be appreciated.

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    I had a similiar experience.. I purchased a Onkyo 595 and luved it. Upgraded to the HK520 and man was it better than the great sounding 595.

    I went thru many convulsions taking the 520 back but I didn't like the remote and I wanted DD-EX. I luved the 520.

    So I took it back and just happened by Soundwaves and purchased a new 45 TX. I luv the 45 TX.

    I don't think the sound is any better than the 520 - its hard to beat the 520 especially for the money. But, the 520 is not better than the Pioneer. I do like the remote and I also like the auto MCACC on the 45TX. This did do a better job than I could do with the HK setting up and compensating for my speakers.

    It also has the DD-EX and is THX certified (I'm not sure that means anything). It also has 7 amps - although I plan on using the preouts for two channels.

    If you can wait - the new 525 is supposed to be out in the next few months. Also the Onkyo 800 and Denon 3803. I just couldn't wait and I think the 45 is and will be a good competitor to any of the above.

    You might consider the 45 TX instead of the 47 - It can be purchased for between 850 and $1000. and the price in my mind made the difference.

    But if you stay with the 520 - you surely have not gone wrong - its really just features I think and price and personnal preference between these receivers.

    I really don't think one could go wrong.


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