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Daytime shows had a very different structure regarding the number of commercial minutes allotted. While prime-time shows were limited to about 8-10 minutes per hour of commercials and promos, network daytime shows allowed for a good bit more.

There were not only actual commercials in the show, but there were billboards that highlighted the show's sponsors, and a mid-episode announcement that the show would return. For example, here is the breakout as originally broadcast and as seen on the restored DVD version of episode #211 with original commercials:


Program open through opening credits

Opening Billboards
:20 This portion of Dark Shadows is brought to you by
the new Dream Whip, it's creamier now, by
Diaparene baby products, at drug counters everywhere, and by

new Lux liquid, with Dermasil.

Program, Act I

:30 Lux liquid commercial
:30 Lux lotion

Program, Act II

:30 Diaparene baby powder
:30 Cope headache

Program, Act III

:30 Dream Whip
:30 Gaines meal
:05 Dark Shadows will return in just a moment
:30 Hairdew by Clairol

:30 Windex

Program, Act IV

:30 Princess soap
:30 Amour star meat spread

Program, Act V

:30 Woolite
:30 Anacin

Closing Billboards

:27 This portion of Dark Shadows has been brought to you by
Woolite, cold water wash makes sweaters look alive, by
the sandwich spread made with good Amour meat, Amour Star potted meat, and by

Windex glass cleaner. Another work-saving product from Drackett.

Program, End Credits

:20 ABC Joey Bishop Show promo


So actual commercial minutes add up to 6 minutes
Add about 50 seconds for open and close billboards and mid-episode "bumper"
Another 20 seconds for the closing ABC promo

Total 7:10 for non-program content. Then one more minute for local as the show closes at 29 minutes - total 8:00.

Subtract 8 minutes from 30 and you get 22 minutes of program time. Standard for daytime in the 60s.

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