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Disney+ Obi-Wan Kenobi (2022) (2 Viewers)

Randy Korstick

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Feb 24, 2000
It's not planned now but I'm sure it's a possibility and it seems like the viewer numbers are good so I think there's a good chance that it'll happen.

As for Reva, I wouldn't be surprised if they already use the character again in the upcoming Andor series. Then again, we may never see her again.
According to fan sites Vadar killed her in either episode 5 or 6 originally. They altered it once rumors of a second season came out. Since Andor was filmed awhile ago I doubt she would be in this. This may also explain her miraculous recovery and unclear motives in episode 6.

Philip Verdieck

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Jan 23, 1999
Houston, TX
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Philip Verdieck
Wow, if this is true, Disney got a massive hit for a low, low price. Another signal pointing to another season.

Spoiler for those who don’t want to click through: Budget was allegedly $90 million for the series, while Boba Fett was $100m, and shows like Star Trek and the Marvel shows are budgeted at $150m or more.

Episode count? Less for the SW series.

Most actors are lesser names in the SW series in general and also signed on cheaper for initial seasons then resigned for Season 3, Season 4 (STD).

The Marvel series are based on characters who were already on the big screen, and possibly in multiple movies.

So far, the SW series have maximized cheap(er) outdoor settings. The Marvels have been located in towns and cities, probably higher shooting costs with stunts, cars, etc. What percentage of Obi-Wan was shot outdoors or in desert or in a cave?

ST has gotten used to bigger budgets and has probably the biggest SFX costs.

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