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O.D.B R.I.P...Ol' Dirty Bastard of the Wu-Tang Clan dead at 35. (1 Viewer)

John Kilduff

Oct 27, 2001
Yahoo has the story right here.

I wasn't into his style of rap, but I thought he gave some pretty funny interviews. It's tragic how he died also...My dad had died the same way.


John Kilduff...

Well, that's diversity for you...Howard Keel and Ol' Dirty Bastard within a week of each other.:frowning:

EDIT: Forgot the word "funny".


Feb 14, 2003
He was too young to die, almost 2 years older than me actually. But you know what they say about those flames that burn twice as bright...

He died like a true MC: in the recording studio. Old Dirty Bastard was like a breath of fresh air to hip hop back when he debuted with Wu-Tang, as were the rest of the members. The media mostly concentrates on his legal battles and his dealings with the law, but any one that knows hip hop knows that Old Dirty was a great lyricist and he had style('for miles and miles and miles...'). As significant a person to hip hop as Jam Master Jay, and I believe he died in a recording studio too(although unfortunately he was killed).

Shimmy shimmy ya.

Zen Butler

Senior HTF Member
Jan 24, 2002
Southern, Ca
Real Name
Zen K. Butler
Horrible news. I was so looking forward to some new material.

Ol' Dirty Bastard's Return to the 36 Chambers is a classic hip-hop album IMO. His rhythmic delivery was just as original as his lyrics. There is a lot of great solo material by various members also but ODB's first album was the best of the lot with Raekwon's Cuban Links, and Gza's Liquid Swords close seconds. Wu-Tang Clan are/were one of the best bands ever, in any genre.

Ninety-five ni***z is wasted
Keystone capered, and Wu kept the rap fiends basted
Foamin out the mouthpiece, heads blown like geese
Murderous police, I do shows and perform in Grease
It's not magic, gaming is the gadget
World classic big national high attracts dear graphics
Lampin in my own zone, my physical show
Inhale bones Tony stuck, for the diamond in Rome
He's convincin, labelled one man rap convention
The n**a that'll gun down, eighty frenchmen
Lead vocalist, music specialist, rap arsonist
I deal with sharpness plus spark the hardest individual
I plant crimes inside vocals
My rap's like my passport, my life's my proof
Hit the sun roof, be out like a wanderin dream
Shuttle, and get startled off the verbal hygiene, my n**a

R.I.P Russell Jones

Jean D

Mar 8, 2004
Real Name
Jean D
He died in the studio, you know hes got some tracks done. I'm sure Rockafella will release them posthumous. And if they dont have enough material they will release it with lots of guest appearances. Shit, Pac's got annother new posthumous one on the way called "Loyal To The Game" which Eminem is co-producing. I hope he got Dre to do some beats on that. All Eyes on Me was incredible. (sorry for hi-jacking the thread)
Back to ODB though, I always thought they should do a reality show about him would be incredibly hilarious. Remember on MTV News when ODB picked up his food stamps and welfare after being dropped off by a Limo? How hilarious was that.

Eddie Horton

Stunt Coordinator
May 23, 2004
Unless you like to eat peanut butter and crack sandwiches, I wouldn't worry about dying at 35 like O.D.B.

Mark Murphy

Supporting Actor
Nov 20, 2002
If anyone remembers the state of hip hop back in late '92, Wu reinvigorated NY hip hop. I was fortunate enough to land one of the Wu singles they released on their own, "M.E.T.H.O.D Man/Protect Ya Neck at a tiny indy record shop in New Haven before they hit it big. It blew me away. ODB was truly an original. He wasn't much of a lyricist but he brought a unique energy to that group and to hip hop in general.

Anthony Thorne

Supporting Actor
Oct 10, 2000
Oh Jeez....

This is sad news to me. If you read the bio of ODB on www.allmusic.com it's really stirring, hilarious, tragic, moving stuff. It would make a great movie - I'm just saddened that his story now ends in such a tragic manner. RIP guy...

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