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Second Unit
Nov 30, 2001
It is that time again in the year.
This year hope to have it at a larger place than my home.
This will mean a few things more room to move around as well as more area to have speakers out for those to see.
Anyone interested please contact me direct along with a list of speakers or any other product you will bring.

Saturday Nov 20 2004
10am -4pm
Surrey BC
Address along with a map.I will post on my site after I get the confirmed booking.If not will be at my place again.

Thanks look forward to seeing you all again this year.



Aaron Gilbert

Second Unit
Sep 17, 2003

No replies yet?? Well I can't say for sure that I will be coming, but I don't see why not. It would be great to have a bit larger venue than your house, both for the sake of the speakers and the audience trying to listen, hope that works out. Not that there's anything wrong with your house! I know Terry Olson and Dave Rosgaard have expressed interest in your event over the past couple months, so I'll get in touch with them.

I'll be bringing the latest version of my Power Pots if I come, infinitely better than the version which was present last year, now with custom matching stands. I have parts to throw together plenty of other speakers, but time is the problem as always, so it will likely just be the Power Pots. I'll send you an email from home soon.

Aaron Gilbert


Second Unit
Nov 30, 2001
Ok See you there
My place again.
Just not the same to demo HT set up in a 40 X60 room.
A little different lay out this year.

Well it's that time of the year again - time for a Northwest DIY (do-it-yourself) audio event!

Why you should come...
For those who are interested, you're welcome to drop by just to listen to the designs on hand, or if you have them, please bring speaker designs or amp kits that you have built yourself. The more equipment that we have to audition and knowledge/opinions to discuss, the better.

Why you should come...
This is a great opportunity to ask questions of experienced designers/builders, show off your hard work, and discuss the latest audio hardware/designs with people who are "in the know." The goal is primarily to have a great day rubbing elbows and engaging in dialogue with fellow audio hobbyists, technicians, DIY enthusiasts, home theatre junkies, and discriminating audiophiles.

You want sponsors? We got 'em...
Dan from Adire Audio in Seattle has again generously presented us with an Adire sub driver (this year it's a fantastic DPL12) to give away as a door prize. Additionally, Dedicated Audio has helped us out again this year.

A big "Thank you!" to both of those sponsors!

Details, details, details...
when: November 20, 2004
10 AM -5 PM
where: RAW Acoustics
16756 - 85 Ave.
Surrey, BC

Need help finding the event?
May we suggest MapQuest.com?

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