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Joe Szott

Feb 22, 2002
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Joe S.
I wish they would revisit some of their other old titles, Nobunaga's Ambition would be sweet on a current gen console. There was a GBA version I think...


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Jul 24, 2002
I was a big fan of ROTK 3 for SNES. In fact, I still have my original SNES cartridge. Somehow, VII didn't really grab me (I rented it). I like some of the improvements talked about:

Each character possesses 26 officer skills and four basic attributes. For example, the “Eloquence” skill is effective during negotiations, while “Commerce” is useful when doing business with merchants. If an Officer acquires all the skills contained within a category, the Officer will learn a powerful “Super Skill.” Furthermore, Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII features 15 new officer skills called “tactics.” There are 6 ability levels for each tactic, from “Beginner” to the fearsome level of “Expert”, and the higher the level, the greater the chance of success in combat.
It sounds like they took some cues from the success of Dynasty Tactics (which I immediately bought following a rental stint with it). Now if they would make Dynasty Warriors 4-player, I would be really happy. And maybe port it to Gamecube as well as PS2 and Xbox. Can't understand why the don't port a game that is so great in Co-op mode to the console with the most 4-player party games. Mystic Heroes just didn't cut it.

Great to see a company respect it's fanbase by continuing to bring ROTK games over, despite less than massive sales.

Now if only Enix, errm, I mean Square Enix, would respect its fanbase just like this. How about a US Dragon Warrior IV remake (like the Japanese DWIV PSX remake that we missed out on thanks to Heartbeat). Or DWV and VI that we still don't have in our grubby little American hands (at least not legally)! :D

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