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Now that you've owned the PANASONIC DMR-E20 for a while, have you had problems...? (1 Viewer)


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May 22, 1999
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I have just sent my SECOND DMR-E20 in for repairs. The problem with both machines has been the same: after 6-7 months, the machine gradually refused to record on more and more DVD-R discs until, finally, it recorded on none of them, not even the three brands recommended by Panasonic for use with this machine (it's own brand, Pioneer, and TDK, all of which are quite expensive). I was able to use less expensive brands such as Ritak and Optodisc for a while, but eventually nothing worked. I was getting "U-11" error codes about 30-40 seconds into each blank disc, followed by shutdown or, worse, the machine allowed me to record all the way to the end of a disc and, when finalizing was attempted, gave me the same "U-11" followed by a "U-99" code. Extreme waste of my time and very frustrating. The machine I just turned in for repair is a replacement for my earlier one, which they could not repair. Don't know if they can fix this one, yet, either. Anyone else experience these woes?


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Dec 21, 1998
I have two DVD recorders, a Panasonic DMR E30 and Samsung DVR 3000 and have experienced inconsistent recording problems with both units. With the Panasonic I experienced the problems you describe right from day 1, but not very frequently. Recently, when I used a batch of Shop4Tech's own brand of DVD-R's it seemed like every other disc resulted in a U11 rejection. I reported this problem to Shop4Tech and have yet to receive a response from them.

Other than the Shop4Tech blanks, after receivng a U11 within 30-40 seconds, I try recording again with the same blank and normally the E30 accepts the disc. If you get a U11 after recording then you have a dead disc because the software did not "Read Information To Disc" and there is no way to recover.

To try to fix the problem I unplugged the unit for 10 minutes and switched back to Ritek and so far so good. Strangley,I have been using the remaining Shop4Tech DVD-R's in the Samsung with no problems so far. I am going to stay away from that brand.

If the Samsung initially reads the DVD-R all is well and it will record with no failures. If it can't read the disc, and this does happen, I can usually use the blank with the Panasonic. Unfortunatley, sometimes after recording the movie the Samsung can't read the disc. In thoses cases I use the E30 to finalize the DVD-R.

I am really happy I have two different DVD-R/RAM recorders. Both units malfunction inconsistently when recording DVD-R's and its a software problem. The recorders love RAM and you will never experience a problem with that media. DVD-R's are the problem and I don't think there is a solution, other than if you find a brand that works stick with it.

I am not familiar with the E20, but maybe somehow the DVD-R's corrupted the machines software for reading disc's. If its under warranty then have it repaired. Otherwise, with new recorders, Panasonic E50 and Samsung R4000 under 400.00, it may make more sense to buy a newer unit. Good luck.

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