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Apr 7, 1999
local superheroes http://www.saddle-creek.com
band description from Saddle Creek's website:
Now It's Overhead's self-titled debut book ends the life-span of a relationship from hopeful beginnings to a hopeless ending and all points in between. The album's dark melodic pop sensibilities are not unlike those found in earlier works of bands like The Cure, Depeche Mode, and REM, yet are combined with lush sonic layers shared by bands like My Bloody Valentine and Spiritualized. Generally refreshing with a few eerily haunting tracks, this is a beautiful sounding and carefully sculpted composition.
Andy LeMaster, former Sugar bassist David Barbe, and current Glands bassist Andy Baker jointly own and operate Chase Park Transduction Recording Studio in Athens, GA. Along with the Now It's Overhead recording, Chase Park has been host to recent recordings by Japancakes, Azure Ray, Seaworthy, Amy Ray, and the Glands. Andy's studio experience is personified through the recording techniques and sound manipulation that play an integral role on this album.
Between perfecting his skills at Chase Park and creating Now It's Overhead, Andy has spent a lot of his time working with Bright Eyes. Andy has engineered and played on most all of the Bright Eyes recordings in addition to establishing himself as one of the few consistently touring members of the Bright Eyes band.
Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink, also of Azure Ray, lend the lush airiness of their voices and harmonies to several songs, although it is Andy that handles the main vocal duties. Acoustic and electronic drum loops provide the circulatory system for these multi-layered tracks. With beats that compliment each song effortlessly, it's not surprising to learn that Andy and drummer Clay Leverett have played music together since their early days in middle school.
here's a couple songs from the album
Blackout Curtain real audio mp3
Hold Your Spin real audio mp3
it can be found at all your favorite independent record stores, or ordered directly from Saddle Creek's online store and don't forget the current releases by Cursive, The Faint, and Son, Ambulance.

Brian Bunn

Second Unit
Oct 26, 1998
Isobel--Sounds pretty good. I'll definitely have to check this one out. Thanks for the tip.

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