Novice has wiring connection questions...please help!

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    I just bought a Kenwood HTB-504. I realize that this is a rather low end Home Theater system (theater in a box) but it came highly recommended and was a good value for the money, $420. My question is not regarding the speaker/sub-woofer hookup, but rather in connecting my DVD, VCR, TV, and cable box to the receiver. Whether to use S-Video, Digital Coax or Optical hookups, etc. Also how to configure the cable. Does anyone know of any good books, magazine articles, or websites that has wiring info? I found one article on but that was it. The manual with the Kenwood is very confusing.
    Thanks in advance for all of the help!
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    Aug 1, 1997
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    First, how about some information on your TV? Does it have S-video inputs? How many video inputs are available on your TV? Does it have component video inputs (Y-Pr-Pb)? Does your DVD have component video outputs? Also, how many video inputs/outputs are available on your receiver? Does your VCR have S-video out?
    This information is important in trying to determine if you want to use your receiver as a video switcher.
    As for audio many of each type (optical/coax) audio input does your receiver have? Does your DVD have optical or coax digital audio out (or both)?
    I've tried looking on Kenwood's site to get information about your receiver, but they have very limited info.
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