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    After watching the comedy "Nothing to Lose" for about the 5th time last night, it really struck me what an excellent movie it is. This is a 1997 film written and directed by Steve Oedekerk and stars Tim Robbins and Martin Lawrence. It was reasonably successful in the theater, but I have not seen much discussion on the fourm about it. I think that Robbins and Lawrence make a fantastic "odd couple" and the laughs really keep coming. It also features some good music and great supporting cast. Especially note-worthy are John C. McGinley as a real bad-ass and Irma Hall as the heavy-handed "Mamma".

    The movie features a really tight script and constant laughs. It leaves no lose ends and leaves you feeling really good about all the characters involved, even the bad guys! The language is strong, surprisingly strong, but is delivered in a light-hearted manner that does not seek to really offend anyone. the chemistry of the characters really leaves you wanting more of the Robbins/Lawrence team.

    I really recommend this film for those that are looking for a great, fun film.
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    Yep, it is a quality buddy comedy. And with a $19.99 retail price, it's worth picking up now.

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