Not sure which to get: Definitive Technology BPVX of BP2000tl's?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by lukacsmw, Jul 25, 2010.

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    I'm looking to upgrade my definitive technology 5.1 (well, 5.3) system to a 7.1 equivalent. I have BP2006TL fronts, C/L/R 2500 Center, and two studio monitor 450's for the rear. I have an opportunity to purchase either two BP2002TL's or two BPVX's for the same price. If I get the 2002s, I'll move the 2006's to my sides and the studio monitors to the rears. If I get the BPVX's, I'll put those as the sides and keep my 2006s in the fronts.

    Right now, my room isn't that large (16' wide x 12' deep x 9' high - it's a second floor loft that's somewhat open). However, I'm in the military and will be moving in a couple years - and I intend to get a bigger theater room. So it's probably too small right now the for the 2002s, but my next place will (hopefully) be bigger. Size of the speaker is irrelevant to me. What do you guys think should I go with the 2002's or the BPVx's?
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    You can have one sub or a dozen and it will still be .1. There is only one discrete channel of information no matter how many times you split the signal.

    Go with the largest speakers you can since you will be moving to a larger room in the future.

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