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    I know you can run two monitors from the same PC I'm just not sure how to do it. And I think that you can even have certain programs, games open on a specific monitor. I don't think you can, but is it possible to have 2 seperate keyboards and keyboards for the seperate monitors?
    I realize this probably sounds like a stupid question but there is a reason behind my madness. I know most of you probably haven't played it but I play The Sims Online and my girlfriend and I are totally addicted. We have different accounts and usually play at seperate times. But the other day I found out that you can play both at the same time on the same PC and it actually plays quite well.
    But it wouldn't be all that great because I would have to ALT+TAB to switch. So it's not all that convinient. Then I thought I could set up 2 monitors and play them on seperate screens, but again with having to share the mouse and keyboard it wouldn't really work. So I thought I'd ask and give it a shot. Thanks!!
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    I've not messed with dual monitors for games much but to get it to work across two monitors you have to force change the resolution.for what you want to do, you need to try and get the sims online to run in a window, I know it's possible but it might tricky, then you just resize the window for near full screen and put one window on each monitor.

    I do use dual monitors, but in order for me to use a second I have to make use of an old diamond stealth pci card. works fine for 2d but it's to slow on 3d for gaming. but a second pci card of quality would work. the alternate method is to buy a video card with dual outputs.

    you can't run two keyboards and two mice, as the computer will just pick up the input from both as though it were one source. e.g. two mice, one pointer both mice move and the computer just moves the pointer faster. The same will occur with a keyboard as well. That is due to the standardized input, all mice and keyboards will feed the computer the same information so the computer can't differentiate between sources.

    your best bet is to look into a gaming pad or some other kind of joystick. thrustmaster makes a tactical keyboard type deal that might be able to pull off what your aiming for. that way the computer controls one aspect and the gaming pad controls the other.

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