Not much output from sub in ProLogic or ProLogic II

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by MikeHightower, Jan 31, 2004.

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    Just recently upgraded from on older ProLogic receiver to a new one with "the works".

    Anyway I've noticed that while watching my digital (downmixed to prologic - no digital output) cable in ProLogic or ProLogic II movie mode I don't get much output from the subwoofer. I ran the auto calibration on the receiver and it seems to have done a respectible job.

    Movies sound great in DTS or Dolby Digital.

    The sub crossover is set to 80Hz and front speakers are set to small.

    Now with my older receiver, I'm not sure at what level it ran signal to the sub but it did have more emphasis. Of course I had no control over speaker settings, etc...

    Is it just the lack of LFE signal in normal broadcasts that I have noticed my difference??

    Just looking for some suggestions.
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    You are correct that bass may simply be lacking in these modes, but that will vary depending on the broadcast. Dolby Surround encoded broadcasts will sound better than stereo only. Since you are using a stereo analog signal from the cable box, there is no LFE channel. LFE is a separate channel, and is not present in a stereo signal.

    What you might want to take a look at are the settings for PL/PLII in the receiver as there should be a few adjustments you can make, and I believe there are some settings that affect bass output.
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    You will have a better chance at getting useful input if you specify the make and model.

    I'm moving this to Receivers.


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