Not impressed with 1080i?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Dwight Amato, Oct 24, 2002.

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    Ok, tell me, am I crazy? I have a 47" Panasonic RPTV (PT47WX51). I sit approx. 7' away. Calibrated to the best of my ability using VE, doing convergence, E and Mechanical Focus, all in 480i mode. My cable looks crappy, but my DVD's look pretty good. I fully admit that I have not calibrated my set in 1080i mode.

    I just purchased a Samsung 151 HDTV tuner, and connected it to my set via component cables with a RS Double Bowtie (Getting OTA from NYC in NJ). I have yet to mount the bowtie in a good area, and I only have it sitting outside my house running a wire through a window. I only get around 30 to 40% signal strength, but I have no lost signals.

    Last night I had the chance to watch my first HDTV show, Presideo Med. Overall, I was very happy. I never watched this show, but I like the quality of what I saw, even though it wasn't amazing. But from everything I read, I heard it is not the best show to watch.

    Tonight I watched CSI, which is supposed to look amazing. Long story short, I wasn't amazed. It looked better then my stretched version on my widescreen, but it was nothing to write home about. My wife (who is always a pain in the a$$ about this stuff) couldn't see a difference. I disagreed with that.

    But when I put the T151 in 480i mode and checked it out, I have to admit I could hardly see a difference. It does not help that it takes a good 4 seconds between switching resolutions, but I really could not tell a difference (besides coloring) between 480P and 1080i.

    Am I looking at a bad source? Is my set not big enough to show the difference? Am I just blind or expecting too much?

    I do love seeing the show fill up my entire picture without distorting it. But with the price I paid for the tuner, I think I just might return it and continue watching the shows on my 27" Panny Superflat in my living room.
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    Well, it's not just size alone, but size vs. viewing distance, assuming the display is showing full resolution. I watch most HD on a 24" widescreen computer monitor, at a regular computer monitor distance, less than two feet. And I can definitely see the difference!

    Try comparing the commercials with the shows in 1080i. The upscalers used by the networks are pretty good, but upscaled SD content like commercials should look very soft in comparison with genuine HD content. Then do the same in 480P.

    Watch The Tonight Show. You should be able to see blemishes on the guests.

  3. Ken Ingram

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    Ken , Are you recieving the HD signal through your computer(some type of HDPC card)
    or do you have your monitor just hooked up to the HD Reciever. (VGA hook up?)

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