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Apr 28, 2008
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I purchased a 58" Plasma Panasonic Tv with the Bose Surround and a Blu-ray player.
I am happy with everything except the way it is setup.
We had it professionally installed by firedog.
I have called them back 3 times (never get the same person twice). The problem that I am having is that it takes 12 sec to go from one channel to another. When I playback a movie from the DVR and I want to fast forward, the screen turns totally black so that I have no idea when to stop fast forwarding. Then when I change a channel I have to use the aspect button to enlarge the picture, plus I need to use THREE remotes to do all of this.
I questioned getting a Harmony, but they told me that won't work. Needless to say my joy of buying this system has turned to a nightmare!
Someone told me that the problem could be that they have the sound coming out of the Bose system instead of the TV.
I sure hope someone can help me.



Supporting Actor
Apr 27, 2004
Return all the equipment right away. That will get someone's attention.

Next, spend some time to research the subject....learn why Bose is put down by most folks here. Find stuff that works right together, and put it together yourself. The poor, unemployable slobs who work at the big box stores seldom have any idea what they are doing.

troy evans

Jul 2, 2005
It sounds like your problem goes beyond sound. How is the plasma hooked up to your system? What connection type, HDMI, Component, etc.? Have you checked the plasma and Blu-ray players settings? Also, Chuckg is right. That Bose audio system needs to go.

Jeff Gatie

Senior HTF Member
Aug 19, 2002
First of all, I agree with the above. But changing the channel should not take so long and your PVR should not be acting like that.

First things first, what is your source for the TV - cable, satellite, over the air?

Second, describe the connections, i.e. wall socket via cable to PVR, PVR via HDMI to Bose, etc.

Third, you really shouldn't listen to anything the store says. For instance, a Harmony remote would be the perfect solution to your 3 different remotes problem.

Mort Corey

Supporting Actor
Nov 21, 2003
First thing I would do would be to get out the user manual(s) and read all the setup information.....Firedog obviously didn't. Start with the display/cable connection and leave everything else out of the equation until you get that rectified.....then add pieces one at a time. You're going to want to know how to do this stuff yourself (in case you need to move it to a different location or upgrade parts) so no better time than the present to start. This ain't rocket surgery....if you can read, you're home free in no time.


Bob McElfresh

Senior HTF Member
May 22, 1999
So they did NOT install the DVR, but thats what you are having trouble with?

For grins - buy a good Component Cable that can reach from the DVR to the TV. Just run it across the room for the moment.

Turn the TV to look at the Component feed. You may have to play with the settings to get the DVR to output 720 and the TV to accept 720. Watching the component feed - play with the fast-forward, rewind, etc. Is the response better?

If so - call Firedog and have them come out and run a Component cable and remove the HDMI cable.

When you FF/Rew the DVR I suspect the HDMI cable looses track and has to re-handshake. This can take 5-10 seconds. It's hard to say what is to blame for this - either the DVR or the TV may not be handing this well.

But if you can get component cables to work (it does not have to handshake), this is your solution. Return the test cable and call Firedog back for a re-wire.

HDMI should work fine for your other devices - but some FF/Rewind may not work well.

PS: Let us know what happens. Your experience will be read by others and help others in the same situation.

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