not getting multichannel sound


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Feb 1, 2003
Im having a weird issue with my blu ray player and HT receiver.
My set up: blu ray player (3D) panasonic DMP BDT 300, HT receiver Onkyo HT R540.

I have a Yamaha speaker set (not sure about the model), I just have center, front and surround speakers and a subwoofer (no surround back speakers).

For audio connection, I connected my Bluray player with the HT receiver with analog RCA audio cables using 7.1 ch analog output. My HT receiver doesnt have HDMI input, so I connect video (using HDMI output) directly to my TV), And thats the problem. I only get sound from center and front speakers, Im not getting sound from surround speakers.
If I play the test tone with the HT receiver I get sound on evey speaker and subwoofer. If I play test tone with the bluray configuration menu, I only get sound in center and front channels. The same with movies, no sound using multichannel output, I changed the audio connection to optical (digital) and I get sound in everyspeaker.
The problem just happens when I try to connect blu ray player to HT receiver with multichannel analog outputs.

when I activate 7.1 analog sound with the bluray setup menu, I get the message "surround channel / surround back channel off" (or something like that).
I almost got crazy trying to fix this issue with the blu ray setup menu, but dont get results.
Im certain config is properly set, and the HT recever is put in multichannel, but cant get sound in surround speakers.
Can anybody help me??

Jason Charlton

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May 16, 2002
Baltimore, MD
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Jason Charlton
Sorry to hear you're having problems. From the sound of it, you have a fairly good grasp of how things should be set up.

I've looked through the manuals for both the Receiver and the BR player. The good news is that the Onkyo pretty much bypasses all other audio-related settings when you use the analog inputs - the signal is passed along exactly as it's received.

Provided you've taken care (at both ends) to ensure you have the analog cables connected to the 5.1 inputs/outputs (leaving the "surround back" terminals empty) then I think it's pretty safe to say that the problem will lie within the BR player.

On the Blu-ray player side of things, have you:

[*]made sure that "HDMI Audio Output" is set to "Off"
[*]verified the analog cables are connected to just the "5.1" outputs
[*]tried setting the Analog Audio Output to "2ch (Downmix) + 5.1ch" (this one is a bit confusing, but I think this is what you want)

Those three can most definitely affect whether or not it works correctly (and chances are you've already tried them - just covering all bases).

If all three of those are set properly and still no results, we can move into "these-things-shouldn't-matter-but-stranger-things-have-happened" territory...

In the "Digital Audio Output" menu (again, these shouldn't affect analog outs, but you never know...)

[*]Set the audio signal to "PCM" and
[*]Turn "BD-Video Secondary Audio" to "Off".
If still no luck, not sure what other options you'd have.

Have you tried multiple discs? Both DTS and Dolby HD encoded? Are you sure the correct audio track is selected from the feature menu?

Good luck. Hope some of this helps.

Gerald LaFrance

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May 28, 2002
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Gerald LaFrance
I think the side surrounds will ONLY get Sound in them with a 7.1 Soundtrack bluray.. Do you have the surrounds set to be the sides vs the rears??If so that is probally the problem. you will need to put in a 7.1 Soundtrack there are quit a few blurays with the 7.1 soundtrack..

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