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  1. John Watson

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    Jul 14, 2002
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    Again! Can't figure out what the message really means. I'm not sure whteher I have a problem, or whether Norton fixed it! Or prevented it.

    Situation : Basically I may have been attacked by a JS.Seeker virus. I deleted my Temp Internet Files (as I often do anyway) because the Norton message said that's where the files were.

    In the Norton Activity log, the attack had generated about 24 short reports, on 6 files. Basically each set of 4 reports said Norton could not repair, quarantine, or delete the problems, and lastly said "access denied"

    Does "access denied" mean that the file never got in my computer from the site where I encountered it? Or that I deleted it in the disposal of Temp Internet files. That would mean that of course, there was no virus to repair, quarantine, or delete?

    NAV scans that I've run since then do not detect any infection

    Can't NAV make its messages clearer?
  2. Dave F

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    May 15, 1999
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    Here's the Symantec page on that virus:
    Maybe Nav is unable to perform the required changes to the registry?
    Good luck,

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