nOrh's Le Amp ll 200W Monoblock..too good to be true?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Mike Sloan, Nov 3, 2003.

  1. Mike Sloan

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    May 18, 2002
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    From reading the spec's sheet and reviews this looks too good to be true:

    Continuous Average Power 200 watts x 1 (8 ohms 0.1%
    THD), 400W x 1 (4 ohms 0.1% THD)
    Dynamic Power per Channel 400W x 1
    Power Bandwidth 5 Hz - 50 Khz
    Damping Factor Greater than 100
    Input Sensitivity / Impedance 2.0 V / 44 k ohms (rated power)
    Frequency Response 20 - 20,000 Hz +0, -0.5 dB
    Signal to Noise Ration Better than 120 dB
    Total Harmonic Distortion Less than 0.1%
    Output Complement 8 transistors: The output stage is based on a CLASS A/B bipolar devices by Toshiba utilizing three Toshiba JFETS for the gain stage and three Toshiba bipolar for the output.
    Power Supply 800 V/A Switching adjusted to 500 V/A supporting 800 V/A peaks.
    XLR connectors for balanced inputs.

    Le Amp II uses no negative feedback. It uses a DC Servo circuit so there are no capacitors in the signal path and no DC offset.

    Le Amp is designed so that the power board and power supply boards can be easily swapped out. This means that repairs can be made by swapping out any failed board. We plan to put a diagnostic system into Le Amp that will show what board has failed.

    Price $300.00

    Nohr Le Amp2 link[​IMG]
  2. Rich Wenzel

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    Aug 9, 2002
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    looks very interesting...

    their speakers look like ham...


    For $600 a pair, it may be worht trying out...heck they have a $250 tube pre-amp....

  3. JackS

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    Jan 17, 2002
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    Great products and very good company but anyone dealing with Norh must be prepared to excercise their patients. Some products can arrive within a week and others within weeks or months. Such is the situation with Le Amp ll. The amp is now listed as a product for sale on their website but to date I have yet to hear of anyone in the US receivibg one. The good news is- they won't charge your CC until it does ship.
  4. Claude M

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    Jan 18, 2001
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    I have their ham speakers and I'm happy. However, I would have to think it over more than once before I purchased an amp from them. They are too far away to just return it if you don't like it and Outlaw has a product in the same price range that takes up less room.
  5. Brian OK

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    Aug 29, 2000
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    I use 5 IRD MB-100 (Le Amp originals, if you will) which are listed as 100W monoblocks. Would I have concerns about the Le Amp 11 ? Not in the least.

    At either 75W (John Curl's findings), or Curt's (the designer and owner of IRD) 100W rating for the original Le Amp, it is a moot issue because these monoblocks are so overbuilt that the power reserves are typically found only in 250W per channel type amp sections.

    The Le Amp 11 is again an overbuilt design, but according to Curt will run fairly hot. The Original Le Amp runs cool after 2 days of constant Das Boot :*O

    I would have no concerns about the upcoming Le Amp 11, as the design has been well thought out.... it is just taking a very long time to come to market. hosts IRD's web forum and you can read all about it over there if interested.

    BTW, IRD pulled the original Le Amp from Mike Barnes of nOrh earlier this year and markets it themselves. And IRD runs a service/stocking B&M in Charlotte,NC (dba/Buffalo Electronics). When I ordered my last MB-100 monoblock a few months ago, it shipped out of Charlotte via Fedex ground and I had it in 3 days.

    I think it would certainly be worth a serious listen for the pricing it will come in at.

  6. agendrano

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    Jul 30, 2003
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    I was planning to get the Le Amp II to power a DIY subwoofer I was planning to build.

    Michale Barnes of Nohr informed me that the amp is backordered for about nine weeks. He also told me that the US$300 price includes shipping from Thailand.

    I have a friend who owns 5 of the original amps for his home theater and it sounds great!

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