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    Geez it seems my opinion changes weekly as to what speakers to get. I'm starting to think it might be worth it to look into the nOrh's. I noticed that they're having a christmas sale (sweet [​IMG]), and that I can get a pair of wood 5.1s for $400 and a center 5.1 for $225. Now what to use as surrounds though.. I don't have the room to put those drums up on the wall, even the 3.0 drums. Would the 3.0 prism match the 5.1 fronts? Not to mention I've read somewhere they're only rated to carry 20 watts!? (can that be right?) ..or maybe I'd just be ok leaving my current surrounds and living with unmatched rears. I've got some Eosone satelites.
    This seems like it might be a common problem with nOrh's due to their odd shape. What is everyone else doing?
    and now for question #2 [​IMG]
    Would getting the SM6.1's for $200 more than the wood 5.1's be worth it? I've also read somewhere that the wood nOrh's are more forgiving of lesser equipment than the ceramic/marble/synthetic marble versions. I've got a denon avr-1700 receiver fed by a sony scd-ce775 sacd player and a panasonic a110 dvd player, connected with ixos and ar cables. You guys think this setup would be ok to drive a sm series speaker?
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    1. The driver in the 3.0s is rated up to 20 watts but should be able to handle up to 40 watts. It is a full range driver, going from 75Hz - 20,000Hz. Don't expect to get low range bass from it. The Prisms should be fine to use or you may want to stick with your Eosone for now until you can afford to get matching surrounds. I've got ceramic 4.0s all around and they are resting comfortably on top of 84" high bookshelves.
    2. Yes! If you can get the SM 6.1s, do it. They should be about 75% or more better than the wood 5.1s. The wood tends to have a warmer sound to it. The ceramic/marble/SM has a more detailed sound to them. They truly are much better. The 3.0s sound very similar to the 4.0s which sound similar to the 5.1s.
    Now, did this add to your confusion? [​IMG]
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    Hi Greg,
    If you can swing 4.0's for the rears, I would recommend that over the 3.0's. 4.0's will play louder with better dynamic range. The 3.0's should match up well, but they won't play as loud. For $300, you can get a pair of wood 4.0's for rear, and if you are buying 5 speakers, nOrh will cut you a deal on a package.
    I think you would be very, very satisfied with the wood drums, so if cost is an issue, go with the woods. It's true that they are more forgiving of lesser upstream electronics, and they sound AWESOME. At high volumes, however, the wood cabinets resonate slightly (though less so than box-style speaker cabinets), and that resonation introduces a slight "fuzz" to the sound. The "fuzz" was totally unnoticeable to me until I heard a marble cabinet, so it is not extreme at all, but it does congest things a bit at higher volumes.
    The SM 6.1's will be a step up in performance, particularly in ability to play loud clearly and detail (please note, the detail on the wood 5.1's is already outstanding). Is it worth the extra $200? I'd say yes, but it depends on how much $200 is worth to you. :)
    If you'd like to see how I have my rear 4.0's set up in my room, click my signature link for some pics. I have mine sitting on stands that are about 30 inches tall.
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