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    Hello all,
    We just replaced our television (and older Hitachi Rear Projection) with a Sony XBR55HX929 (after much research). We love the new Sony television, but need to marry it with a good sound (or A/V) receiver. What I have now is an older Kenwood VR2080 that my son gave me along with Bose Acoustimas speakers (5 speakers and a subwoofer). The problem is, the optical inputs on the Kenwood don't seem to be working. I even called the Kenwood support line and they walked me through the steps that should have worked, but still unable to get any sound using those inputs.
    When it was working the Kenwood was a great sounding receiver, but now that it's not working, I'm thinking this is a good time to get something more appropriate to the new TV. I still want to keep the Bose Speakers as I was happy with them.
    I don't want to spend more than $400, so I'm looking for recommendations for a receiver.
    Also, should I just get an audio receiver or a A/V receiver? What are the advantages of an A/V receivers?
    I have 5 speakers. - set up for 5.1 surround sound. Will a 7.1 receiver work?
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    The "V" stands for "Video" - you can use the receiver to switch and sometimes upconvert video signals from the source to the TV...
    -- There will be a configuration setting in the 7.1 receiver to let it know that you only have 5 channels instead of 7 - you just have to let it know how you want it configured. If you are not planning on adding extra speakers, you can still get a 5.1 system, and they are usually cheaper.
    - As far as receivers - I would recommend going to this site and looking around - they usually have good deals, with plenty available for at or under your $400.00 price point.
    If you like your bose speakers and are not considering an upgrade - I would recommend going with a cheaper receiver setup - as you don't need a high power output for those speakers.
    You can get the following receiver for $199.99 and that should work for you....and they will throw in an ipod doc...
    DENON AVR-1612 5.1 Channel A/V Home Theater Receiver
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    not sure what your bose speakers can handle, but i just bought the sony STR-DN1000 and love it. used they run a little over 200$, but its a 7.1 channel receiver so if you decide you want to upgrade to 7.1 later down the road you can. it has lots of inputs for all of your devices. really sleek looking front, kicks out some MAJOR sound.
    Heres a link. (amazon. 421$. but dont listen to them. sell for 225 on ebay all day. i got mine (after months of looking!) for $122 shipped to my door.)

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